Forever 21 Ruffle Feathers With Plus Size Instagram Account

Earlier this year, Forever 21 came across with an Instagram account dedicated to their plus size collection (our issue with the term 'plus-size' is another conversation). Though they meant well, many shoppers took issue with their efforts claiming that the models they were featuring were far from what you'd consider plus-size. And then there were those who understandably had a problem with there being a separate account for curvier women in the first place; why should women be divided? Why should those of us who rock a size 12 and over be segregated from those who live in single digit sizes? The affordable fashion giant has since made changes to be more reflective and inclusive of real women of all shapes and sizes, but they're still operating with separate accounts. Commenting on the furore, Natalia Lilly said to Racked:

"We always appreciate our customers reaching out when they have a concern and therefore have removed some of the images and are working to ensure all of our future posts accurately represent the Forever 21 Plus customer.

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"As a majority of the content on our social media accounts is user generated by our loyal customers, we encourage them to continue to share their own photos to provide a true representation of our clothing, embracing beauty in all shapes and sizes."

On the issue of separating women in terms of their sizing, Lilly says: "Me personally, I don't care to see a newsfeed full of women who look nothing like me, and are showcasing clothes I cannot fit in nor purchase."


However, she explains, "we are still being categorised. The barrier between slim woman and plus size woman is still there. "Shoppers may feel as though they aren't worthy, that their looks and body type are not worthy enough to be featured on big account like Forever 21."

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Do you think they should be combined?

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