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Ian McKellen’s Protest Sign Is What We Need To See On A Monday

by Jennifer McShane
23rd Jan 2017

It’s Monday morning; what we need is something that will uplift, ensuring that we kickstart our week by fist pumping the air. And just in case you happened to miss the inspiring, empowering Women’s March that took place all around the globe this weekend – a mass gathering of millions of badass females ready to take on Trump to fight for their rights – we give you Sir Ian McKellen and his truly epic protest sign and statement. It is a thing of joy. He attended the March as a passionate activist for equal rights and was seen by one of the protesters carrying a sign showcasing the exasperated face of his dear friend, Sir Patrick Stewart, in his infamous Star Trek role as Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

Just look at it:

It’s brilliant; summing up our thoughts on Trump to a tee – that we’re embarrassed and sickened that such a man stands at a president’s podium – and giving his best friend an extra shout out. The thing is, he didn’t make the sign – he found it and decided to bring it along – but it doesn’t dilute the message of praise for the “women and their allies”, nor his strong words that accompanied the picture on his social media pages. This is about women. Women taking a stand, carving out the best future they deserve. And by God, we do deserve it; we’re capable of extraordinary?things, as you’ll see:

And McKellen was there to help spread the word:

“The Women’s March in London was the longest I have been on. Unlike most demonstrations, it was not commandeered by any one group with its identical posters. The Women and their allies had devised their own visual protests, hand-written and improvised at home, expressing their personal reaction to the new president, whose name in schoolyard English means ?to break wind? appropriately.?The Marches worldwide were a good beginning. Some who fear him say ?give the man a chance?. OK – he’s started by removing LGBTQ people, climate change and state funding of the arts from POTUS’s website. He’s had his chance,” he said.

Like McKellen, many celebrities have chosen to take on Trump directly – Gloria Steinem, Jennifer Lawrence, etc. – and some such as Taylor Swift, for example, refuse to get political and don’t name names. It’s their choice, but it’s messages like McKellen’s that make a mark. What’s the point in being vague about the man who seems determined to see the universe run by white males alone?

A photo posted by Samantha (@samantha.kee) on

It’s the start of a new week and, if the weekend is anything to go by, a new era. So many chose to put “The Future is Female” on banners. We say it’s about time.

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