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Fun, alternative activities to do in Dublin when you need a pick-me-up

by Geraldine Carton
25th Mar 2019

Ahh, Dublin. Full of energy and character and craic to be had around every corner; it’s a grand city we have here altogether, nach bhfuil?

In fact, what with the plethora of citizens organising “off the beaten track” activities, events and get-togethers, Dublin has become one of the best places to be, should you find yourself feeling “meh”; a bit bored; and generally in need of a pick-me-up.

So the next time you decide your life could do with an injection of fun, consider giving one of the below activities a go. Maybe they’ll expand your skill set; your friend circle; or indeed your self-confidence… or maybe they’ll just give you a few hours of light enjoyment when the situation calls for it. The good thing is that most of these activities are as enjoyable attended solo as they are with friends, so there’s no need to feel shy!


We know comedy might sound like an obvious choice here, but the reality is that most people don’t consider heading out to a comedy gig when they feel low. Dublin is bursting at the seams with live comedy taking place every night at the week right now, and whilst some of it can be hit-and-miss, there are certain shows that never fail to lift spirits in seconds. Our favourites are Colm O’Regan’s Inn Jokes on a Wednesday night, Comedy Gold on a Friday, Comedy Crunch on Sunday, and the almighty International Comedy Club every other night of the week.

Bread Making

Really and truly, is there anything more wholesome than the act of baking bread? As praise for the humble sourdough has seen a serious resurgence of late, it seems that shop-bought stuff isn’t cutting the mustard anymore, now we want to get our hands dusty, too! There are lots of bread making workshops available all over the city right now, but if it’s top quality, just-like-granny-used-to-make loaves you want to master, then we’d recommend booking in with Ireland’s unofficial king of bread, Eoin Cluskey, or indeed the Firehouse crew or the team at The Baking Academy.

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Swap Shops

Often when we find ourselves in a bit of a funk (or simply when we’re bored), we turn to the lure of retail therapy. This is all well and good, until you consider the harm that engaging in this kind of fast fashion culture is causing. If you’re open to an ethical, sustainable alternative, then allow us to recommend attending one of the many swap shops now taking place in Dublin. These events provide a brilliant way to itch that retail scratch in a fun, feel-good setting, and for super cheap, too. Check out Sustainable Fashion Dublin, Swapsies and Swap Shop Sundays to see when the next swap shop is happening near you.

Paint & Prosecco/ Paint & Pints

The only thing more soothing than channelling “your inner Bob Ross”, is when you do it with a few friends – and when it’s accompanied by a crisp coup of prosecco or a refreshing pint? Well, there’s nothing quite so sweet. Events like Paint & Prosecco and Paint By The Pints are popping up all over the place and they promise a fun and different way to let those creative juices flow and have a laugh as you do it.

Bingo Loco

If you haven’t heard of Bingo Loco yet – sorry, but where have you been? These guys have taken the world by storm; flipping bingo on its head and reinventing the entire concept with the addition of rave rounds, conga lines, lip sync battles, and glow sticks. The days of bingo being a passive activity for grannies are long gone; this is a fun time definitely worth checking out.

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Galz Gone Wild

What better way to remind yourself of the positive power of female connection, than with a good wholesome hike. GGW Founder Mel McDermott is a pro at bringing wonderful women together and introducing them to the wonders of Ireland’s hilltops and forestlands, all whilst encouraging chats and laughs a-plenty as she goes. A great way to make new friends who share a common interest, this one is always high on our recommendations list.

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