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Festive Feast

19th Nov 2013

1. Preserving kit for jams, preserves & pickles, €12.99, Kitchen Cookware

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Shopping for that special something for the food fancier is always a challenge. The trick is finding something they don’t already have – last year’s gifted cheese grill or pasta-maker can inevitably end up languishing at the back of the press. ?Avoid unwanted gifts this Christmas with our scrumptious selection of kitchen goodies, guaranteed to satisfy all appetites!

1. Preserving kit for jams, preserves & pickles, €12.99, Kitchen Cookware

2. Stamp your own cookies kit, €24.72, Stomp Stamps

3. Avoca all Irish Christmas hamper, €100, Avoca

4. Molecular gastronomy kit, around €59, Firebox

5. Eat Drink And Be Merry cake topper, around €21, Miss Cake

6. The Flavour Thesaurus, by Niki Segnit, €25, Designist

7. Red retro radio biscuit tin, €14, Debenhams

8. The Artisan Gin Maker’s kit, around €71, Firebox

9. Elevate gift box set, €58.50, Joseph Joesph

10. Full day bread baking classes, ??110 per person, Firehouse Bakery & Bread School

11. Wild flower utensil set, €148.50, Bojje

12. Chunky jigsaw coasters and trivet, €31.53, Squarepear Furniture

13. Salt and pepper carbon steel grinders, €29 each, Article

14. Carved wooden mushroom nut cracker, around €24, The Orchard

15. Three month Friday night curry subscription, around €28, The Spicery

16. Stamp your own Christmas tree baking kit, €21.68, Stomp Stamps

17. Understanding Food, six week course, €360 per person, Aniar Boutique Cookery School

18. Medium bread board, €32, Industry

19. Teaball by Freud, €98, Makers & Brothers

20. Smorgasboard board game for foodies, €28.99, Smorgasboard