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Broderick’s Brothers Love Their Mum

15th Mar 2015

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Today is Mother’s Day. While we suspect you’re busy spoiling she who brought you into this world, you might take some time out to read of the hugely successful Broderick’s Brothers below. Two words for those who may still be unfamiliar with their brand: Rocky Road. Of all the people who might have had a helping hand in the setting up and growing of their business, or indeed been the sole inspiration behind it, it’s their beloved mother, Ina. Here they tell us of the incredible influence she’s had on them, as kids, young men, and now, businessmen.

You guys have done so incredibly well on your own accord, but would you credit some of your success to your mother?

Absolutely, our mom took her passion and talent for creating incredible baked goods using the highest quality ingredients and turned it into a very successful business model. The core of what we offer has never changed or wavered, we always seek out the highest quality ingredients and invest heavily in sourcing the absolute best.?Myself and my brother regularly review the business and continually seek to be innovative to meet ever-changing consumer needs but we wouldn’t dream of compromising on quality, Ina would never forgive us.

What’s the greatest lesson you’ve learned from Ina?

Never question your mother, she always knows more than you do.

What’s the first thing she taught you to bake?

The first thing we were taught to make was cheesecake, mom used an incredible amount of cream cheese in the recipe and I always remember folding in the egg white just when the cream was ready.

Have you a favourite memory of learning to bake with your mam?

Yes, we used to arrive home from school and join the?Broderick’s kitchen table production line. Ina had us bashing biscuits all evening long to make sure she met deadlines. It was a brilliant way to learn from a young age that running your own business means working really hard and it really sowed the seeds of entrepreneurship in our minds.

What was it like growing up in your family home, were bars and cakes a regular treat?

We were very lucky, we got to taste some of the most delicious cakes and baked goods and Ina often got us to act as quality control, which we obviously loved. Our friends used to have serious food envy and our house became a hub for gatherings.

How is your mother involved in the business these days?

Ina looks after the service side of the business and of course has a say in most things. We look after the retail side and are very lucky to have recently taken part in the Tesco supplier development programme with Bord Bia.

We also look after new product developmen t- we have just created?Broderick’s Minibites which we are very proud of. They are 6 mini bites of Tiffin, Rocky Road and Caramel Slices that are proving very popular.

Do you think Irish sons appreciate their mammy’s enough?

I do actually, they might not always show it but we have come a long way.

How will you be treating Ina this Mother’s Day?

We might bake her a cake?

Describe your mother in three words…

Passionate, fierce, inspirational.


Broderick’s is one of the 50 Irish food and drink companies that have participated in the Tesco supplier development programme with Bord Bia. 2015 will mark the fourth year of this comprehensive retail programme that aims to help food and drink companies achieve sustainable growth at multiple retail levels. The seven-month programme equips participants with the necessary skills required to secure, grow and maintain a listing with Tesco in Ireland and overseas.