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#ImSoBoredI: These hilarious tweets perfectly capture lockdown boredom

by Shayna Sappington
02nd Apr 2020

From boredom springs a highly entertaining hashtag that sums up lockdown feels

Once again, Jimmy Fallon has asked the world to join a Twitter challenge, and the results are hilarious. “Tell us a funny thing you’ve done to pass the time in quarantine,” the Tonight Show host encouraged. “And tag it with #ImSoBoredI.”

Twitter has blown up in response, with cringeworthy puns and crazy, creative ideas – all of which are ridiculously relatable.  Here are 17 of our favourite tweets so far:

“#ImSoBoredI had a conversation with a spider. He seemed nice. He’s a web designer.” –@iannaidu

“#ImSoBoredI created a fake drama between all my sister’s stuffed animals, currently Patricia isn’t talking to Stan.” –@mills_elise

“#ImSoBoredI hid a walkie talk in the bushes in front of my house so I could scream at people when they go by and watch their reactions on my doorbell camera. No more tv needed.”—@dhygiene21

“#ImSoBoredI had a staring contest with my dog, Jabba the Mutt. He winked so I winked back. Now things are awkward.”—@sunny_joni

“#ImSoBoredI am having regular conversations with my Alexa. I don’t think she likes me.”–@manduhrose

“#ImSoBoredI painted my chickens toenails”.–@katiegribben4

“#ImSoBoredI watched The Tiger King all weekend and that Bitch Carole Baskin killed her husband.”—@shirobinson

“#ImSoBoredI I make different frozen pizzas and have my kids guess which one it is.”—@jericaswag 

“#ImSoBoredI am actually arguing with myself and I’m not sure who’s winning.”—@98simply

“#ImSoBoredI tried to walk my cat.”—@tld2331

And finally, this ingenious, housebound parenting hack:

Photo: Unsplash

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