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5 baby shower games that your mum-to-be will love

by Grace McGettigan
01st Feb 2020

Are you (or is someone you know) expecting a little one this year? If you’re planning on throwing a baby shower, why not ramp up the fun with these five baby shower game ideas?

Baby showers are no longer an American-only event. A recent survey by Aptaclub has revealed there are now approximately 40,000 baby showers taking place in Ireland every year. That’s 769 baby showers a week, or 109 every single day. In its research, the online resource for parents found that over 60% of Irish parents are now choosing to celebrate both mum-to-be and her baby with the pre-birth event.

What’s more, the survey also found that party-planning is usually left in the capable hands of a loved one, with 38% of mums-to-be choosing a family member and 22% choosing a friend to take the reigns.

As it’s a big responsibility (up there with planning a hen party), we’d like to make it a little bit easier for you. Here are five fun baby shower game ideas that both mum-to-be and guests will love.

Pin the nappy on the baby

Ah, a classic. ‘Pin the Nappy’ is both great fun and easy to play. Simply hang a large image of a baby on the wall and craft nappy-shaped stick-ons for everyone using paper and Blu-Tack. Players take it in turns to try to stick their nappy on the baby in the right area while blind-folded. You can reward each person who gets it right, or have those successful play on until you can crown an overall winner.

Guess the baby

One way to connect everyone and make mum-to-be feel extra nostalgic is to play ‘Guess the baby’. Ask guests to bring along one of their baby pictures. Once everyone is seated, pass them around the table one-by-one, finishing at mum-to-be, who must then guess who each baby is.

Baby food taste test

One thing a mother will have to get used to is checking the temperature of their baby’s food, which involves taking a sample for themselves — so this game can serve as parenting preparation and harmless fun. Blind fold mum-to-be and have her blind-taste baby foods (such as fruit and vegetable purees) and guess which flavour it is. The more unusual the flavour, the better.

The price is right

Everyone knows having a baby can be expensive, but exactly how much does it cost? Pop some typical baby items such as bottles, nappies, formula and clothes on a display table. As guests arrive, ask them to guess how much each item costs, leaving their estimate in a jar with their name on it. The winner will be crowned at the end of the event. If your venue doesn’t have much space, or if you’d like something with a little less effort, you can pop some sweets in a baby bottle and ask your guests to guess how many sweets they think are inside.

Famous baby names quiz

Let’s face it – we all love a little celebrity baby news and who knows, this game might inspire your mum-to-be’s baby name choice. Divide guests into groups and give each a list of celebrity parents. They simply fill it in with their guesses. You can make the game last even longer by doing a few rounds of five; round one can be Irish celebrities, round two can be the Kardashians, round three people in the room, and so on.

For more baby shower inspiration, visit aptaclub.ie.

Photo: Friends, Warner Bros.

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