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12 clever ways to quickly update your kitchen

by Lizzie Gore-Grimes
08th May 2019

Toying with the idea of revamping your kitchen space but not in the market for a full renovation? Follow our 12-step programme to add a little extra kudos to your cooking zone.


Let’s face it, fads come and go. You could argue the merits of high-gloss versus chalky matte finish all day long. If you’re looking to make a statement with your kitchen colour choice but worry the shade may date, opt for black. This is a strong, sophisticated colour that never gets old. A simple way to introduce this classic hue is to opt for black cabinetry or countertops, offset with neutral hues, as per this Kunsgbacka Ikea kitchen.

Ikea’s Kungsbacka kitchen front


Don’t neglect the daily essentials. Often, without noticing, we’re drinking out of dull, dishwasher-streaked glasses and chipped, mismatched mugs that do nothing to whet the appetite. A cupboard clear-out and a small investment in a new set will enhance every cup of tea made and glass of water drunk. A small, simple pleasure – but aren’t they the best?


We’re loving the restful, soothing quality of the new natural palette. There is nothing shouty about these soft organic tones – on the contrary, it’s all about muted comfort – imbuing your kitchen and dining space with a sense of calm (good for the soul as well as the digestion!). Faded fabrics add an air of working authenticity to any kitchen.

Linen bread bags, from around €15, Rowen & Wren


Introduce natural fabrics and materials for an instant injection of texture. There is something so pleasurable about using natural materials in the modern home. They breathe life into the space and save a contemporary fit-out from looking sterile. The Bray Linen bags above are by Rowen & Wren.


An affordable way to bring textured, tactile natural materials into your dining space can be through well-chosen utensils. If you can’t afford the marble counter, then opt for a marble chopping board instead.

Marble chopping board, €33, Home-Lust


While silver, chrome and stainless steel are certainly not banished from the kitchen, these days it’s all about warmer metals like gold, copper and brass. The gleaming finish provides a stunning accent to most palette choices and pair particularly well with contemporary greys, dark moody blues and any of the soft chalky shades.


Think inky as opposed to icy when it comes to picking this season’s perfect shade of marvellously moody blue. What you’re looking for here is an earthy blue – a hue that says cosy rather than cool. The darker the better. It’s a perfect shade for creating arresting kitchen cabinetry.

Brass kitchen rods, €79, Ferm Living


When it comes to clever storage, don’t forget to make the most of your wall space. Elevated storage solutions, like this one from Ferm Living, are ideal for a small utility room to hang sweeping brushes, aprons, dustpan and brush, and so on.


If there is a piece of kit in your kitchen that you use every day, such as a coffeemaker, kettle or steamer, it’s well worth making the investment in a superior quality version. There is a particular satisfaction you get from using something daily that is really well made, as it whirrs and purrs and works like a dream.

12 Clever Ways to Quickly Update Your Kitchen
DeLonghi Eletta flat white machine, €1,250, Brown Thomas


Our passion for all things natural in the world of interiors continues apace. We’re loving anything aquatic or botanical in mood with a colour palette inspired by the sea, lakes, clouds, and the natural landscape. Get ready to dive in.


Make mealtimes more fun by inviting some of these exotic sea creatures into your home. These bamboo plates with their marine-inspired designs have the look and feel of hand-painted ceramic but can be bunged in the dishwasher and taken to the beach when the sun shines.

Ekeh bamboo plates, from €5, Article


Banish beige and update your kitchen splashback with a riot of glorious colour in the form of Moroccan and Mediterranean-inspired encaustic (traditional brightly patterned cement) tiles.

Moroccan tile 23C, €3.45 per tile, Best Tile