Three Brilliant Clay Masks To Try For Beginners

Three clay masks you can stick on to detoxify your face while watching Netflix.

Clay masks are the newest trend in skincare routines. They come with a range of benefits and preventative measures; they can improve your skins texture, clarify and brighten your complexion, eliminate imperfections, absorb impurities, concentrate on congested areas to prevent imperfections in areas where pimples have previously formed and moisturise your skin.

Don't be put off by "clay" - they're full of minerals, so even though they absorb excess oils and sebum and diminish shine, they won't dry out your skin.

You don't just need to save face-masking for once a year in the bath, stick one on tonight when you're watching Netflix.



  • Apply a thin layer all over your face, avoiding the delicate eye area.
  • Massage the clay mask from the centre of the face in light and upward strokes towards the hair line and neck, concentrating on problem areas.
  • Leave on according to product's specifications.
  • Rinse off gently using warm water and a face cloth.

Here's three brilliant clay masks to try.

L'Or?al Paris Pure Clay Multi-Masking Play Kit, €9.95

Following the success of the Pure Clay Masks, L'Or?al Paris have launched the Pure Clay Multi-Masking Play Kit - a miniature set of all three masks, so you can tailor your own multi-masking regime according to your skins needs. The Purity Mask?contains eucalyptus and purifying properties, the Detox Mask contains charcoal, which pulls out impurities and the Glow Mask contains red algae, known for brightening.


Dermalogica Dermal Clay Cleanser 250ml, €38

This formula contains a deep cleansing clay to purify and absorb oily skin, plant extract to prevent future breakouts and menthol to revitalize and soothe aggravation.?If that hasn't sold it for you, Victoria Beckham is also a fan.

Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Skin Clay Mask, €48

Containing Spanish clay and almond oil to nourish skin,?BioNymph Peptide Complex to promote collagen and elasticity, essential oils to hydrate skin and antiseptic properties, at €48 it's a little on the pricy side but has everything you need for a clay mask. This is perfect for dry and problem skin.

Let us know your clay mask heroes in the comments below!


Featured Image: @mariotestino

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