Summer Hair Trends: Pearlescent Hair

Just when you thought we'd reached peak unicorn, mermaid, iridescent, rainbow whatever, we've had to make an exception for this summer hair trend: to dye for seashell shades of pearlescent hair.

Celebrity hairstylist Kevin Murphy is behind this under-the-sea colourful?hair hue which comes in shiny shades of rainbow hues, silver blondes, pearly sheens - whatever you like.

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Kate Reid, renowned colourist and design director for Kevin Murphy's Color.Me, told POPSUGAR?what we learned when we looked into going icy blonde a la Cara Delevingne pre-head shave - this is not a DIY job so do not even think about trying this at home, young lady. You'll need icy blonde hair to kick off your new pearlescent look, so this won't happen in one salon visit. This is territory for a colourist who has skillz?and won't happen with a once off box dye. You may need a few salon visits to lighten your hair without destroying it. Certain looks take time and money.

"It's a slow process to create pearliest hair well," said Reid. "It's a long-term commitment to have this colour, not a quick fix." ?According to Reid, clients should be able to work with colourists to create a maintenance program specifically designed for your hair's needs to maintain and brighten your colour.

At home maintenance is key with this look, so buy a purple toner shampoo to keep warmth and yellow, brassy tones at bay. Investing in a toning shampoo and/or conditioner is a must to keep hair bright and fresh between salon visits. Try Touch Of Silver Twice A Week Brightening Shampoo, €3.?Of course, use a heat protecting spray when drying your hair and using heated tools. Some pre-heat sprays also help to maintain and lock in your colour, as heated tools can fade your colour.?

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Reid also?told POPSUGAR?that well-conditioned hair is key when trying for pearlescent hair, as it "reflects light better and creates luminous shine."


When we consulted the Irish experts a few months ago on summer hair trends on how to prolong our bright and pastel colours,?Andrew Dunne from Mane, shared this expert advice:

"It's important to?colour?properly in the first place - which is rarely done, I'm afraid. If the hair?colour?approach is not right, no product is going to make a difference. You must approach?colours like this from a low and slow approach, knowing the client will be in the salon for most of the day - which from my experience, is hardly done. But, my go-to products are System Professional Liquid Hair, Olaplex and Nioxin Deep Repair Mask."

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