Summer Hair Trends: Lavender Hair

While we're definitely over mermaid phones cases, lattes, make-up bags and toast, we're fine with the experimental, soft, pastel, pearlescent, metallic, mermaid hair to dye for that's all over our Instagram news feeds. The lavender hair style above comes courtesy of Redken and is the granny purple rinse hair we never knew we wanted.

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If you're not sure that you want to fully commit to a purple head, go provisionally purple with hair chalk; the look on Instagram above was created using a Kevin Murphy Color Bug. For a more permanent fix, as we keep repeating with these beautiful colour trends, do not try this at home. These looks take skills. Spend the time and money going to a colourist who is trained, and avoid doing a hack job on it yourself and then having to go to a colourist anyway and spend even more time fixing it.


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At home maintenance is key when it comes to pastel shades, so wash your hair less frequently and welcome dry shampoo as a regular feature in your life. Use colour safe shampoos and keep your hair well conditioned to maintain a pearly shine. Use a purple toning shampoo to take away your brassy tones and keep your hair bright between salon visits - try Touch Of Silver Twice A Week Brightening Shampoo, €3.

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We consulted the experts about hair colour a few months ago and asked Andrew Dunne from Mane for his advice on prolonging bright and pastel hair colours. He told us this;

"It's important to colour properly in the first place - which is rarely done, I'm afraid. If the hair colour approach is not right, no product is going to make a difference. You must approach colours like this  low and slow, knowing the client will be in the salon for most of the day - which from my experience, is hardly done. But, my go-to products are System Professional Liquid Hair, Olaplex and Nioxin Deep Repair Mask."


Featured image: @redken

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