Singin' in the Irish Rain

Where we learn the Irish weather can lend itself to wonderful things...

Irish people have an obsession with the weather. It's a common complaint, a conversation starter and the reason we carry an umbrella at all times. So it was no wonder John Collins and Cathy Kirk gave their skincare line a moniker that simply rolls off the tongue, a term we're very familiar with and one that is used day in, day out; Irish Rain.

The all natural, organic range is an olfactory delight, unsurprising given the years of aromatherapy experience that's gone into its creation. Essential oils such as sandalwood, lavender and geranium, fused in sweet almond and jojoba bases, and peppered with complexion enhancing ingredients, aloe vera, organic rosehip and argan oils, give the products a luxurious, comforting texture. Be warned, these creams are very moreish, you'll want to apply with gusto but a little goes a long way so don't sufficate your features. With something for all skin types and ages, the wholesome rage will take you right through your morning and nighttime face and body regimes. Think botanical-ingredients-meets-visible-results minus the chemical residues. Pale, transparent tones are transformed by the collagen enhancing and circulation-stimulating properties of the Regenerative Cellular Repair Cream, €24.99, while the Essential Deep Cleansing Oil, €19.99, is the perfect summer purifier for SPF clogged pores. One IMAGE staffer, bombarded by compliments and enquiries as to her glowing limbs, confessed she had been diligently using the Nourishing Restorative Body Oil, €29.99, and was reveling in remarkable returns - soft, smooth, hydrated skin that screams for exposure in SS14's finest.


Suffice to say we've always had a hard time trying to find the good in all the elements throw at us, now, not so much. Skincare as pure as Irish Rain is something we're beginning to enjoy.

Irish Rain is available in health stores and pharmacies nationwide. For more information or to purchase online see

Michelle O'Brien @leche_vitrines

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