Dull, congested, acne-prone skin? A Hydrafacial is just what you need

Jennifer McShane never thought she'd get her acne-prone skin to clear until she tried the Hydrafacial - a rejuvenating skin treatment that helped banish her blemishes

I am usually a sceptic when it comes to trying new skin treatments. If I mix-and-match products or generally deviate from routine, my sensitive, spot-prone skin flares or breaks out. I have combination skin so it's either really dry, really oily - or both - and it's always on the dull side. Throw in hormonal acne and you have a base which is almost always acting out. I went with all these concerns when it was suggested I try the Hydrafacial and now after my fourth facial, I worry significantly less about my skin and thankfully, have fewer breakouts.

What is the Hydrafacial? 

Hydrafacial is a rejuvenating, technology-based treatment. It works deep within the skin using what's called 4-in-1 Vortex Technology and a combination of treatments in one: from deep cleansing, exfoliation to lymphatic drainage, acid peels and extraction. Using all these techniques per session, dead skin cells get removed and impurities extracted while the skin gets enriched with a combination of cleansing, hydrating and moisturising serums. And naturally, it can be catered to the specific needs of all skin types. The idea is that the layers of the skin get treated to this deep cleanse and it helps speed up skin's natural rejuvenating process.


What I found most appealing was that it was painless, it required no downtime and you could see results almost instantly.

How does it work?

It's the patented spiral tip of the HydraFacial Vortex-Fusion® serum delivery system and Hydropeel which really sets the Hydrafacial apart from other treatments. Its spiral design helps deliver the multistep Hydrafacial, which consists of six steps grouped into three treatment phases per session – the first will take an hour and each subsequent session around 30 to 40 minutes:

Phase 1          

Cleanse/ Gentle Peel: Skin is exfoliated and gently resurfaced with a new, healthy, and even layer of skin brought to the surface.

Phase 2          

Extract/ Hydrate: Impurities clogging your skin and pores are chemically and mechanically removed. Your skin is then hydrated and pumped full of a mix of moisturisers, all tailored to your skin type.


Phase 3          

Fuse/ Protect: Finally, your skin is infused with protective antioxidants and peptides to ensure continued protection, which allows your skin to regenerate in the weeks following the treatment.

Anything else I should know?

It's not quite as soothing as a standard facial - your skin gets a good workout! - but it both soothes and revives and restores skin like no other facial I've had before.  Skin will tingle during the gentle acid peel (I had a combination of glycolic and salicylic used to target my blemishes) and you'll go rosy-cheeked for around 10 minutes afterwards but it soon settles and boy, will your skin glow.

It got rid of all my deep-pore extractions and has helped even out my skin. I've had one a month for the past four months and now my skin is neither too oily or too dry and it's considerably smoother. I went about my acne-prone, congested skin but it can treat a variety of concerns from fine lines and wrinkles (I also banked on this as I'm now over 30!), enlarged pores, brown spots and elasticity and firmness.

Generally, Therapie Clinic advises a minimum of six sessions at one a month - getting one won't do much on its own, I noticed a significant difference after the third.

You'll need a consultation before you begin so that your therapist can make sure you're addressing the right skin concerns so bear that in mind.


If you have a summer wedding or holiday planned, this is a perfect skin 'top-up' - it's on the second day following the facial that you'll really see skin glow.

Special thanks to Therapie Clinic in Malahide. The Hydrafacial is €150 per session or you can get a bespoke package of various skin treatments which include the facial. See therapieclinic.com  for more 

Photography by Jason Lloyd Evans.

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