Business Of Beauty Awards 2018: The Dos & Don'ts Of Voting

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Our Business of Beauty Awards 2018 have well and truly kicked off, and you've been voting in droves over at which we're really thrilled to see. Keep the votes coming as you have just over a month left to get yours in - voting closes at midnight on Sunday, April 8.

However, we know some of you have been encountering a few issues while trying to make your vote count. The enthusiasm is fantastic, keep it up, but in order to make sure that voting is as fair as possible, we need to clear a few things up so we've compiled a handy FAQ Business of Beauty voting guide, which should answer all your worries and woes.

Q1: How many times a day can I vote?

You can only vote once a day, per email address, on one device a day. So if like most of us, you have a work address and a personal one - one Hotmail address and one Gmail address, for example - you can vote once per day with each on different devices (e.g. try your phone for your personal email address and your work computer for your work email address).

However, this does not, in any way, mean you can set up multiple spam email addresses to submit 70 posts per minute (someone actually attempted this) - to try and rig the vote in a particular favour - see Q2 for more detail on this. If you're trying to vote with an email address that hasn't been used for voting in the last 24 hours and the site is not letting you vote, check if the device you're using has been used to vote in the last 24 hours.


Q2: Can I use multiple email addresses to vote?

If you have a legitimate second or third email address that you may use for work/personal reasons (as in Q1), then yes, this is absolutely fine. However, addresses like [email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected] all the way up to [email protected] (yes, Ciara we're on to you) are spam email addresses, and you are wasting your precious time. Our tech team are sharks and will wipe these from the system - votes cast in this way won't count so save yourself the time and effort it takes to set up over a 100 fake email addresses (seriously people have tried...) and don't do it.

Q3: My email address won't allow me to cast my vote. What do I do?

Okay, if you have trouble voting and you're getting a 'sorry that email doesn't appear to be valid' error message beneath the email box:

  • Make absolutely sure the email address is correct - all addresses are case sensitive.
  • Then switch your browser - Chrome is the preferred one to use.
  • Manually type your email address in the bar - the Safari browser has an 'auto-function' for entering email addresses, which if used won't allow the vote through. So hand type it in the Chrome browser.
  • Refresh the web page and clear your cache.
  • If all of that fails, wait and try again the next day.

Q4: Can we do competitions/giveaways to encourage voting?

In short: yes you can. This is partly why everyone nominated was sent promotional assets to promote as they see fit – as long as email votes are legitimate (and, like Big Brother, we'll be watching you and checking they are), we say all is fair in love and the Business of Beauty voting war. At least, we're doing our best to make it so. It's also a great way for single salons to even the score out vote wise with those who have chains or multi-location salons. Good luck and...


Happy Voting!

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