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Why the right workout clothes are so important, no matter what stage of your fitness journey you’re at

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by Megan Burns
31st Oct 2020
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We’re not putting up with leggings that slip down, or sports bras that pinch, because while we love a challenging workout, our gear should be helping us feel our best, not holding us back. 

2020 has been the year that so many of us are making the commitment to exercise more. Perhaps working from home has given you time to do a yoga class when you’d normally be commuting, or with no Saturday nights out, your Sunday mornings are now spent running in the local park.

Perhaps you just need the stress relief more than ever, with all that’s going on in the world. But whether you’re just setting out on your journey to better fitness or are a dedicated gym bunny, the right workout clothes are essential to getting the most out of exercise.

You may think that throwing on a too-big t-shirt and any old pair or runners means you’re good to go, but you’re unlikely to feel your best, and chances are, they really won’t be fit for purpose. Here are the reasons why taking the time to choose the right gear is so important.


It may seem obvious, but there’s a reason why we have clothes specifically to exercise in. You won’t see Serena Williams turn up for a match in a pair of jeans, and in the same way, you need clothing that will allow you to perform at your very best.

It should feel comfortable, fit properly, and not restrict your movement in any way. It doesn’t matter what level our exercise is at, from world-class competition to a trip to the local gym, our needs stay the same.

Adidas three-stripe plus leggings, €70, Life Style Sports

It’s often small details in workout clothes that make the difference between comfort and discomfort: a top might seem fine for yoga until we bend over and it ends up around our head. Leggings that need to be pulled up after every squat won’t encourage you to do another set, and a vest that’s just a fraction too short can ride up while you run.

All of these seemingly small problems will constantly distract your attention when you’re trying to exercise. Working out should be an enjoyable experience, and your clothes should definitely not be holding you back.

Comfort isn’t just about fit, either, your workout clothes are also important to keep you at the right temperature. High-intensity gym workouts call for light, airy vests to keep you as cool as possible, while chilly morning runs require warmer layers.

Finding comfortable clothes to exercise in has traditionally been more challenging for plus size women, as many mainstream sports brands did not cater for them. Thankfully, brands such as Adidas and Nike have stepped up, and are providing a much wider range of sizes, so everyone can exercise in comfort.


Something that’s so important for women in particular, exercising in clothing that’s not supportive can lead to discomfort, and even injuries.

The right workout gear is a very personal thing: what your friend swears by might not be the best fit for your body, and that’s ok. It is important, however, to take some time to find what suits you best. From trainers that provide the correct cushioning, to leggings that feel supportive, every item you own should help you feel ready to move, whatever your favourite way to do so is.

Adidas Alpha sports bra, €35, Life Style Sports

A sports bra is perhaps the most important item for women to be able to exercise. Especially for those with larger busts, if you don’t have enough support when exercising, it can be difficult, and even painful. There are different sports bras for different intensities of exercise, so if yours doesn’t feel supportive enough, you may need one designed for more intense activity.


Sports gear that makes you look and feel your best will undoubtedly make you feel more confident. When you’re not worried about shorts that roll over at the waist, or a sports bra that’s too tight, all you’re thinking about is the task at hand, and whether it’s a 5k PB or an extra set of weights, you’re more likely to achieve your goal.

Nike yoga plus t-shirt, €30, Life Style Sports

Workout clothes have undoubtedly made their way into everyday wear, and so we often want them to be stylish enough for days when we’re not exercising. Bike shorts can be paired with an oversized top for WFH comfort, while leggings can be the base for a relaxed weekend look. Luckily, sports brands have responded with a range of sleek styles, from classic black to more colourful options.

Plus Size has landed at Life Style Sports, meaning our women’s range has just gotten better than ever! You’ll find a killer workout look at lifestylesports.com. We’re talking everything from super supportive sports bras to squat proof leggings, from all the iconic brands you love. Feel supported, feel good, look great.


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