Robbie Williams To Join Take That For 25th Anniversary Tour?

Former Take That obsessives, take a moment to steel yourselves; it looks like Robbie Williams will regroup with the other four for a 25th anniversary tour.

The whole band, back together again, to make your dreams come true. Isn't this the most genius move that all boybands are now employing? Make us fall insanely in love with you, adorn our walls with your posters, then BOOM! Split up, or at least say goodbye to the one we had the biggest crush on (Zayn yes, Robbie yes, Brian McFadden not so much). Break our vulnerable teenage (or middle aged) hearts, leave us for years to rebuild our strength, allowing for the nostalgia to ferment, and then just as we thought we had come to terms with your demise, come back together for one last hurrah and reduce us to tears all over again, all the while, emptying our pockets because we can't NOT miss your reunion gig. Like we said, genius.


Unfortunately, we're not sure how much truth there is to this rumour, as it comes from an unnamed source who spoke to The Daily Star, but let's just get carried away for a moment regardless. They say Robbie is "still not decided on a full European tour but he's hoping to do every date. Robbie loves being with his former bandmates and has chosen to go on the road with the band instead of doing another solo tour which he often finds lonely."

With Robbie on board, all we need now is that other one, whose name we never really learned (it's Jason Orange), to come back and our 16 year old fantasies will be realised once more.

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