10 Tweets To Start Your Day: Wednesday 2nd Of August

Stick the kettle on and catch up with the world.

We hope you didn't throw out your old boobs because guess what! We are so glad to announce that the New York Post have broken the story on the return of boobs. We missed them so much when they were gone. It's been a difficult period for us all, but with continued support, tolerance and compassion, boobs persisted. Don't worry if you did throw out your boobs from the last time you heard?they were out of fashion, your mom probably has an old pair you can borrow from the 80's, or there's tons of YouTube tutorials out there for how to DIY your own!


Boobs aren't the only trend to come back around the fashion roundabout. Turns out fidget spinners are thousands of years old too.

Another reason to be grateful that there was no phones when you were growing up.

Have you ever sent a date a PowerPoint of date ideas?


In honour of Anthony Scaramucci, people are tweeting about the shortest jobs they ever worked.


Happy Humpday! Have a great week.

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