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Your friends’ wedding may have been cancelled, but here’s why you should still send a gift now

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by Megan Burns
03rd Jul 2020
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Cancelling a long planned-for wedding is devastating, but a thoughtful gift will show that you care, and help them look forward to their celebration, whatever form it will take.

Right now, we should be launching into peak wedding season, with almost a quarter of marriages in Ireland usually taking place in July and August. However, with the coronavirus pandemic and the uncertainty it has brought, many have had to cancel their plans to get married this summer, or else have just a small ceremony.

If you were due to attend a wedding this year that has been cancelled or postponed, you might be waiting until the new date rolls around to purchase a gift, but why not send it now? The last few months have been stressful for everyone, and on top of that the couple will have undoubtedly had additional sleepless nights deciding whether to call off their big day and the months of planning that went into it.

So whether they have moved their date to sometime next year, or had to just go ahead with a small ceremony and no reception, there’s no doubt that couples across Ireland are feeling disappointed, and often left in a strange limbo because they expected to be married but will have to wait longer to tie the knot.

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This is why sending your gift now is a lovely gesture, reminding them that you’re thinking about them, as well as the fact that their special day is still important, whatever form it takes, or whenever it happens.

Organic cotton duvet set from White & Green. Photo: White & Green

But what to get them? The choice is endless, and couples are less likely to have a wedding registry if they have postponed their wedding, giving you little idea of what they’d prefer. High-quality bedsheets, however, are guaranteed to be something any couple will use for years to come.

Although it can be hard to know what someone’s taste is when buying items for the home, it’s impossible to go wrong with sumptuous, white sheets. A classic for a reason, they’ll look good in any bedroom, from a minimalist space to something more bold.

Irish family-run company White & Green conducted a survey among young soon-to-be weds, and found that 70 per cent had not invested in quality bed linen for themselves yet, so chances are, your recipients would be delighted to receive it as a gift.

Read more: Why investing in a silk pillowcase is the most luxurious thing I’ve ever done

Bed linen is a gift that both the couple will get real enjoyment out of: is there truly a better gift than a great night’s sleep? What’s more, by investing in high-quality sheets, such as a classic set from White & Green, you know that your gift will last for years to come.

White & Green’s entire range is made from Fairtrade, organic cotton. Co-founder Sari is an interior designer who was frustrated for years by the inconsistency in the quality of sheets, no matter their price tag.

wedding giftOrganic cotton duvet set from White & Green. Photo: White & Green

She and her daughters, Rebecca and Danielle, work directly with organic cotton farmers and a Fairtrade factory in India to ensure that all of their products are of the highest standards, while also guaranteeing that farmers and workers are treated fairly. You can therefore rest assured that you’re giving a gift with a conscience.

All you have to do is find out what size bed the couple has, and you’re ready to send your wedding gift. If you want to keep it a surprise, you could try asking the couple’s close friends or family if they know the size, or there’s nothing wrong with just asking the couple themselves.

You can also choose whether to add a fitted sheet, throw or extra pillowcases to your order, depending on your budget. Every time they get into bed with their beautiful sheets, your recipient will be reminded of your thoughtful gesture.

Bed sheets are also a wonderful gift if you know someone moving into a new home or celebrating something special. They’re a luxurious treat for yourself, too, and their quality means that they’re an investment in yourself and your wellbeing that you’ll enjoy long into the future.

For more on White & Green’s premium organic products, including soft furnishings for your bedroom and bathroom, as well as throws and scarves and baby items, see here.

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For White & Green’s special bundle offer on bed linen, see here.

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