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Collaborating with artists like Maser, this “art diner” has just opened on Dublin’s Camden Street

by Lauren Heskin
15th Jul 2020

Bringing food and art together in a socially distanced space, DIG IN is creating a safe yet culturally rich dining experience in the heart of Dublin.

We’ve all been at a bit of a loss the last few months, listlessly roving the house in search of something to occupy our minds. But restauranteurs Steve Murray and Colin Dickson didn’t have to search for too long to find their lockdown project, an “art diner“, DIG IN.

“The concept grew during lockdown while researching the future of events and the social experience. During an online conference, a quote jumped out. ‘Art Always Wins’,” explains Steve.

Together with Colin, who co-owned Green 19 together, they began looking into a way to combine art and food in a unique way to create a new dining experience. They got in touch with friend Maser and the three decided that an exhibition space curated by Maser could be a great fit. 

The result is DIG IN, which just opened its doors on Camden Street. Combining eclectic small plates and mains menus with a specially crafted cocktail list inspired by the art on display, Steve explains that it is “ the intersection of the most pioneering art out there right now served with great food and drink inspired by the art on the walls.”

 With artworks from artists such as Banksy, Conor Harrington, Obey, Maser, Chloe Early and JR, Maser will create a fresh exhibit every six months including a mix of burgeoning and established artists. 

And because the idea was born during the Covid era, the two have been preparing for social distancing and how dining out might look different from the very beginning. ““We are lucky, in a strange way, to have been able to plan the venue from the outset with COVID-19 in mind,” says Steve.

“We have created distance dining with tables 1 meter apart, provided privacy boots and private dining rooms. Pre-booking can be done through our website and website partners. There are QR code menu options. Takeout orders can be collected, without leaving your car, via our new innovative WhatsApp service.”

With small plates starting from €6 and cocktails costing €12, it seems like DIG IN has got your fill of art and dining culture all safely wrapped up.

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