*WIN* Summer is fast approaching, here’s how to get luscious locks

What with summer around the corner, vacations and weddings are coming in thick and fast and it’s causing many of us to mull over how we’re going to manage to look fabulous for each occasion, all while keeping to a budget.

Blow-drys, up-dos and hair care can rack up hefty fees over the sun-soaked socialising season, there’s just no getting around it. But if having knock-out hair is something you’re not willing to compromise on, then allow us to guide you towards an affordable alternative.

When done correctly, hair extensions are the best way to transform a person’s locks from limp and flat, to heavenly-with-a-hint-of-mermaid. They are a brilliant way to look your best with minimal upkeep, thus allowing you to direct your attention to more pressing matters (like how you are going to fit that mound of clothes into your suitcase).

Enter Dry & Fly salon: this buzzy, bar-like hair salon is providing top quality Gold Fever hair extensions at really manageable prices, making it a double win for anyone after luscious locks on a budget.  


This all comes down to their value-packed Gold Member loyalty program. Once enrolled, members get a free blow dry once a month for as long as the extensions are in, alongside monthly product to make sure the hair will always have that “fresh out of the salon” look. Pretty good follow-up care, if you ask us.

The Dry & Fly team go one step further with 20% off any beauty services; exclusive invites to masterclasses, seminars and events; and a monthly payment option. So as you can see, these guys take the term “golden treatment” to a whole other level.

Call into one of their Dublin stores to get your membership and avail of their loyalty rewards and referral perks.

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