Adele Hilariously Reassures Women That Female Facial Hair Is A-OK

If, like us, the eradication of your furry upper lip is getting you down (no seriously, I waxed it two days ago, and it's back), Adele is here to make you feel better. Once again, Adele reassures women everywhere that it's okay not to be perfect, in fact it's even okay to grow a beard, love it and name it Larry. Be proud of your whiskers! *strokes lone, razor-sharp hair on chin.

Whilst on tour and taking a break between epic ballads, the Oscar winning legend took to some oversharing with the audience (for the record, we don't believe in oversharing; there is no such thing as TMI as far as we're concerned) by regaling them with tales of that time she was pregnant and had so much testosterone coursing through her body, she grew a beard that would rival that of her partner Simon Konecki.

Flexing those comedy muscles yet again, Adele told the audience:

?There are a lot of good beards here. My man's got a good beard and trims it sometimes in summer. It really annoys me - but I do have a beard myself. I understand when it gets hot.?

She blames her pregnancy back in 2012: ?When I got pregnant I had so much testosterone in me that I grew a beard. It's not a joke. I actually do have a beard.?


?I'm proud of it. I call it Larry. I only cut it last night. It's true, honestly.?

Proving that she's still a mere mortal behind all of those awards, Adele even joked about her disinterest in shaving her legs unless she really has to: ?If anyone gets a glimpse of my really hairy legs I'm really sorry but I've got a weekend off, so no need to shave my legs.?

We're right there with you, Adele.

Via The Sun.?

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