Illuminate Your Table For The Darker Days

As moans and groans of how dark our days are going to be have already commenced, we're looking at the bright side — apart from the extra hour burrowed in our beds, we can delight in the approaching party season, the season of hosting festive dinners with great chatter and bottomless glasses of warming red wines.

Investing in beautiful pendant lights is always a good idea, as they can follow you from home to home, and can transform a room with colour and light. However, there is something special about illuminating your home with natural candlelight. With soft candlelight and lovely candle holders on your dinner table, it'll matter a little less (or at least be less noticeable) if what you're serving isn't exactly perfect.

Ceramic candleholders, €2.49, Søstrene Grene

If you're looking for a festive candleholder, this is it. Anna and Clara's 2017 Christmas collection in Søstrene Grene embraces festivities without being garish.

Spotted cast iron candleholder, €16, Industry & Co


This simple pared-back candleholder adds a hint of speckled terrazzo interest.

Cocodrilo candlestick holder, €222, House of Hackney

From snakes to crocodiles, House of Hackney have a selection of candleholders that are sure to be a talking piece.

Dark blue candlesticks, €14, Ikea


Pair this moody hued candlestick with dark or brightly contrasting taper candles for dramatic effect.

Mexican candleholder, €25-70, The Old Mill Stores

Add a mini party to your table setting with theseMexican inspired candleholders from The Old Mill Stores.

Hay lip table candle holder, €29, Cos


Cos's reflective rose gold candleholder adds a hint of luxury, without being too opulent.

Stelton brass candlestick, €45-49, Article

These slender candleholders are quite fitting for the Christmas season, but still work all year round, and will last a lifetime.

Rustic ring candle stand, €29, April & the Bear

Add organic elements to a centrepiece with this circular candleholder. Its unique shape allows room for personal touches, like foliage, to suit the particular season or occasion.

Featured image: oiled black candlestick holders, from €80, Superfolk

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