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Image / Editorial

Søstrene Grene’s new children’s collection has plenty to keep little ones entertained

by Megan Burns
09th May 2020

With kids spending so much time at home, Søstrene Grene is releasing a collection that is sure to brighten up their world, with toys, puzzles, and home accessories. 

Because of the current Covid-19 restrictions, kids are spending more time at home than ever. Without school, creche, or even outdoor playgrounds to entertain them, like all of us, their worlds have shrunk considerably.

And while their imaginations are a valuable resource at this time, after weeks at home every toy in the house has definitely been on many an adventure. If you’re looking for something new to keep them entertained, Søstrene Grene is hoping to open stores soon, and releasing a new children’s collection on May 28 that is full of affordable (and adorable) pieces.

Under the sea storage

Søstrene Grene children's collection
Under the sea backpack €3.43, Hairband €2.80, Wooden box from €2.36, Wall hook €2.44


Not only are these sea-themes backpacks ridiculously cute, they’re perfect for your kids to carry their current favourite toy or even a little snack around, whether that’s just exploring the garden, or on a family walk.

The wall hooks are also lovely, and will help kids (in theory) hang up coats and bags when they’re done with them.

Snuggle in

Søstrene Grene children's collection
Lampshade €8.25, Whale shelf €7.58, Wooden figures €2.26, Cushions €6.44 each, Floor cushion €27.60, Bamboo cup €1.72, Bamboo plate €3.48


Giving kids a private space to read, draw, or just get lost in their own little world is a great way to entertain them on a rainy afternoon. It doesn’t have to be a whole room, either — a cosy corner will do the job, and these cushions come in a range of shapes and colours.

Bedroom bits

Søstrene Grene children's collection
Wall rug €7.68, Wooden rack €6.84, Shoulder bag €3.88, Star decoration €4.64, Chair €33.80, Rug €22.94


Kids love spending time in their bedrooms, so why not brighten theirs up a bit with some fun decorations? From a wall hanging to a new rug, a new addition can make a big difference to how the room feels.

Tiny tent 

Søstrene Grene children's collection
Tipi €44.90, Fish garland €6.44, Basket €12.36


Any kind of den that children can hide in and make their own is bound to keep them entertained for hours, so this tipi tent is sure to be a big hit.

Puzzle time

Søstrene Grene children's collection
Floor cushion €27.60, Hexagonal puzzle €6.05, Wooden dominoes 3.89, Drawstring bag €3.43, Wooden block puzzle €5.30, Puzzle with knobs €3.48, Weather wand €1.52


Puzzles have seen something of a resurgence amongst adults, but kids never forgot the simple pleasure that they provide.

Dressing up

Søstrene Grene children's collection
Clothes rack €23.60, Wooden hanger €2.24, Origami turtle €3.42, Large drawstring bag €9.74


An extra rail is a great place to hang kids’ clothes, and you can see at a glance what’s there. Their dressing up costumes also are often worth displaying, and a rail is a great way to do this.

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