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9 romantic movies that are on Netflix right now for the week that’s in it

by Erin Lindsay
12th Feb 2020

The big day is fast approaching, and we have your movie night schedule covered with this guide to the best romantic movies on Netflix right now

Whether you’re loved up or happy flying solo, Valentine’s Day is a great holiday. Think about it — a movie night in, a great takeaway and some pampering and self-care. The perfect recipe for a love-filled night, whether you’re coupled up or not.

Netflix always knows the suss when it comes to holidays like this, and they’ve delivered the goods this year. Today marks the release of the sequel to their hugely popular To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, a teen rom-com that romance lovers of all ages raved about when it was released in 2018. The buzz around today’s follow-up had us browsing through Netflix’s selection of lovey movies, and there are plenty to choose from to keep you going this week.

From vintage classics to comedies to self-love icons, these are our picks of the best romantic movies on Netflix right now.

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

Before you dive into today’s new release, make sure you’re up to date on the original. Lara Jean is a high school student who writes love letters to the boys throughout her life that she’s had major crushes on — not to be seen by anyone else but her. But when the letters mysteriously get sent to their subjects, Lara Jean has to do some damage control — and figure out who is the most deserving of her affections. This teen romance is a really sweet watch, and made breakout stars of actors Lana Condor and Noah Centeneo.


This 1990 classic has so many iconic moments, it’s hard to know where to start. If you’ve never seen it, the premise sounds a bit mad, but bear with me — Sam and Molly are a couple completely in love, and when Sam is murdered in a mugging on the street, Molly is devastated. What she doesn’t know is that Sam’s spirit has not gone very far — his unfinished business in keeping Molly safe from the man who killed him is keeping his ghost on Earth. You get everything with this movie — great music, weepy moments, and Whoopie Goldberg at her best.

About Time

This is Domhnall Gleeson’s best movie — there, I said it. The Irish actor is never better than in this perfectly Richard Curtis-esque rom-com from…ehm… Richard Curtis. Tim, played by a sweetly awkward Gleeson, is told at 21 his family secret — that all the men of the family can travel through time. He can relive any moment in his life as many times as he wants, in an effort to live it perfectly. Tim begins using his skill to fulfil his one wish of finding the love of his life — and learns a lot of lessons about love, life and family along the way. A truly gorgeous movie with a heartwarming message — perfect Valentine’s viewing.

Four Weddings and a Funeral

We always had to include a Hugh Grant movie here, didn’t we? Four Weddings and a Funeral follows Charlie and his friends as they go through the rite of passage of many 30-something friend groups — attending loads of weddings. As they contemplate whether they will ever be the ones to find love, Charlie meets Carrie, an American woman with whom he finds an instant spark. But as time goes on, we wonder if Charlie and Carrie will really go the distance. This is definitely one to watch if you’re in the mood for a cry — the one funeral in the mix is a tough one.

Always be my Maybe

Netflix have really honed in on their viewers’ undying love of cheesy romance movies, and for that, I am eternally grateful. This original movie stars comedian Ali Wong as Sasha, a successful chef who moves back to her home town of San Francisco to open a new restaurant. It is there that she bumps into Marcus (played by Randall Park), her childhood best friend, and begins to wonder if the relationship they had is worth rekindling. Featuring one of the best celebrity cameos of all time (don’t watch the very end of the trailer if you don’t want to spoil it), it’s no exaggeration that I’ve seen this movie dozens of times and will definitely watch it again this week.

Dirty Dancing

The music, the choreography, the madly heightened chemistry between Jennifer Gray and Patrick Swayze (who apparently did not get on well at all during filming? Oh well, fooled us) — it all gives us the kitsch masterpiece that is Dirty Dancing. I shouldn’t have to explain the plot at this stage, but just know that it’s darker than you may think, but with some great tunes along the way.

When Harry met Sally

The ultimate romantic comedy bar none. You have the recipe of a golden movie here — Nora Ephron’s impeccable dialogue, Billy Crytal’s charisma, Meg Ryan’s charming neuroticism, and New York in the autumn. It all mixes together, and it all delivers one of the best movies about love you’ll ever watch. Can men and women ever really be friends? Let’s find out.


If you’re in the mood for a less-than-usual love story, Moonstruck is the movie for you this week. Starring Cher (!!) and Nicholas Cage (at his most enjoyably batsh*t insane), Moonstruck follows Loretta, a widow who decides to remarry for comfort, not for love. Before the wedding, her fiancée asks her to make contact with his estranged brother and invite him to the wedding — but when she meets the passionate, moody Ronny, she has to make a decision about who she should really be with. This movie earned Cher her first and only Oscar for her role as Loretta, and the chemistry between her and Nicholas Cage (however manic) is undeniable. A funny, gorgeous movie.

Someone Great

Another Netflix original that knocks it out of the park — but this time, self-love is the real romance. Aspiring journalist Jenny has built a life in New York, surrounded by her two best friends Erin and Blair, and her boyfriend of nine years Nate. She has it all, until she gets offered her dream job in San Francisco, and has to break up with Nate because of his unwillingness to make the relationship work long distance. Jenny prepares to leave New York on a high with one last hurrah with Erin and Blair, but her crazy night out in NYC gives her a lot to think about. A great flick about friendship and putting your own dreams and aspirations first in life, Someone Great is a little cheesy, a little unrealistic and perfect viewing for Valentine’s.

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