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This is what your next hair appointment will look like, according to 3 Irish hair stylists

by Katie Byrne
27th Jun 2020

Heading to the hair salon next week? This is what you can expect.

With salons across the country reopening on Monday, we’re all in a rush to get our hair appointments pencilled in and our DIY attempts sorted out.

We already know some of what to expect — no magazines, tea or coffee; masks for stylists and clients and disposable gowns. 

But how exactly will it all work and what post-lockdown hair trends will dominate?

We talked to some of Ireland’s leading hair stylists and salons — all nominees in this year’s IMAGE Business of Beauty Awards — to find out. 

Expect a thorough sanitising process

“Clients will go through a screening process when they arrive in the salon where they will be asked to wash and sanitise their hands before any service,” explains stylist Keith O’Brien of Toni & Guy Dundrum“Consultations will be done in a more sterile section and cleaned before and after every client.”

Stylist Thiago Carvalho of Maven Hair Studio says combs and brushes will have to be sterilised after each client while an antiviral spray will be used on chairs, counter tops and trolleys. “This means we need a 15 minute gap between clients to prepare for the next one.”

Walk-ins and last-minute appointments are unlikely 

“Hair stylists are coming back to a lot of work and long waiting lists already, so the chances of getting a last-minute appointment will be very low,” explains Thiago.

“I always try to accommodate my clients the best I can, so if there is a cancellation then this will be an opportunity. But straight out without an appointment just won’t happen.”


hairdressers reopen
Backstage at Tory Burch (Jason Lloyd Evans)

Stylists and clients will have more one-on-one time 

“We cannot have more than one client at a time, which means each client will have a full slot of service from beginning to end,” says Thiago. “I’m used to this as I personally prefer to work with each client at one time.”

Keith believes this will give clients an even better standard of customer service. “Obviously customer service has always been important, but the longer time will allow us to give a more personalised service from start to finish,” he says.

Organic Italian Hairdressing in Dalkey will be using this extra time to give their clientele a pampering treatment. “Time will be really different in the salon as we cannot allow so many people in, so we thought that it would be nice to offer a different and relaxing treatment while the client is waiting with the colour on, like a plant-based face mask or plant-based anti-ageing hands treat,” says salon owner Ivana Margarini.

Shorter hairstyles will be popular 

“Now, more than ever, short hair will be the look to go for,” says Thiago. “I will be surprised if many of the clients have not attempted to do it at home, which is great. We will have to add our special touch but the idea is already there.”

And it won’t just be women requesting a shorter style, adds Keith. “With gents, speaking from my own experience, I cannot wait to get a proper fade and cut so I’m sure most of the gents are the same. I think having not been able to get a shape for the last four months, gents will want to go short and tight, a more classic look, short back and sides.”

People will start to embrace their natural colour 

“In some cases, having had a long time away from the salon, I think some people might consider embracing their natural colour or reducing the amount of colour they would usually have,” says Keith 

Thiago agrees: “I believe and love natural, natural hair colour that the client doesn’t feel the urge to be back in the salon all the time for colour, and this has saved my clients from attempting to do their own colour at home because the hair is still looking great. 

“Also, that gives them patience to wait for the right time when we are allowed to work again. It has been hard on everyone, but when you have a colour that looks great after months, it makes it a tiny bit easier to face this hard time. 

“I think this will be what the clients will go for from now on — more natural tones, colour that will fade softly and give them freedom of coming when they really need.”

We are following announcements on events and large gatherings as closely as you are, and as soon as it’s safe, we will have a new Business of Beauty Awards date to share. In the meantime, thank you so much for bearing with us.

Feature image: Pexels

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