Unboxing The New Samsung S8+ With The Game Changers

Gamechangers? By definition, they create something you never knew you wanted, enhance experiences you never knew you craved, brought to life concepts that were hitherto unconsidered. As Samsung launches the total gamechanger Galaxy S8 and S8+, we give these super-smartphones to some of Ireland's most creative entrepreneurs and influencers to see how they unbox their phones.

The Jeweller

Chupi Sweetman-Durney / CREATIVE DIRECTOR, CHUPI

Photo credit: Anthony Woods

?As a jewellery designer, I get to make things that mark the most precious moments. The other morning, I woke up to see a picture of the sweetest couple on top of the Eiffel Tower - he had just proposed with a ring I made! They were so full of joy and happiness - that feeling is just magic. I started my career as a fashion designer, and I sold my collection through Topshop but pivoted to jewellery, and it was a great decision. Now there are 22 on the team, and we're stocked all over the world.

Someone once told me a photograph is a moment that will never happen again, and that's probably why I already have 6,000 pictures saved on my Samsung Galaxy S8+. But the handset is really satisfying for my inner nerd too; I love Google Keep - it's for lists and planning. We're currently designing our own app, so the larger-format screen is great for keeping track of detail, plus the narrow format means I can text easily using one hand without disaster! I think my favourite place in the world is Japan - it's where my husband and I went on honeymoon, and we're planning a trip back soon, but I also love trips around Ireland; from a week in Kerry in the most gorgeous house with an outdoor hot tub to camping on the beach in Donegal with our besties, I want to make the most of the summer with our people.?

Watch Chupi unbox her Samsung S8 here:

The Food Expert


Photo credit: Anthony Woods

?I'm very proud that in Sprout, we've managed to create a viable business in healthy food; I love that we can all grow together by using great, Irish ingredients, and by collaborating with positive, talented people. I started the business with juice, but we've now become four restaurants, three of which opened this year - life is moving quickly! When it comes to phones, I rely on mine to communicate with my team, especially as I'm always going from one place to another. It means I can solve problems on the move and make changes immediately. The most important thing for

The most important thing for me in a handset is storage, then battery, then the camera. The Samsung Galaxy S8 does all that, and the iris recognition is a handy, speedy security function that keeps all my data secure. I also appreciate that the phone is water- and dust-resistant - good when you are running between, and building, new restaurants!

Watch Jack unbox his Samsung S8 here:


The Fitness Expert


Photo credit: Anthony Woods

?It's obvious to say my life involves a lot of movement, but it really does. I work with such a huge and varied spectrum of people, from CEOs to students, to international athletes. All are on a journey to drastically improve their quality of life through training, nutrition and performance. Their daily achievements really give me a sense of pride. I've recently ventured out on my own as a trainer, and I work internationally as

I've recently ventured out on my own as a trainer, and I work internationally as lead lecturer with CrossFit. The latter has brought a lot of travel around Europe and the Middle East. My phone is my office as well as a handset - everything is on it. And because I work in such a visual industry, I'm always charting progress and inspiration on social media, checking YouTube for videos, streaming, and reading stuff on the hop. The infinity screen of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is a real bonus for someone like me who's mobile-first. Battery life is important too - I like knowing my phone will have enough power when I get off a flight and need to use Maps. I originally changed to Samsung last year for battery life, camera and storage - I was blown away by all three and have not looked back since.?

Watch Sophie unbox her Samsung S8 here:

The DJ


Photo credit: Anthony Woods

?I love being my own boss and constantly getting to exercise my creativity through my design work and my DJ sets. I've always loved the thought that I can bring joy through a piece that I make for someone, be it a dress, a necklace or a work apron, or with the tunes I play. Like most creatives, I love the door that Instagram opens. I keep meaning to create a website, but I've done everything since 2012 through Instagram, so it holds a special place in my heart. Phone tech is incredible, and we've come so far; the fact that I can run my business

Phone tech is incredible, and we've come so far; the fact that I can run my business from a handset, create and listen to playlists, and compile mood boards is amazing. Camera quality is my overriding priority, and the front and back cameras in the Samsung Galaxy S8 are brilliant for shooting my work (and me!) - colours are true, and images are really sharp. This will come in handy for my next project - a decision to go back to college part time?to study interior design: another exciting facet to add to my brand, Louisa Jane - The Painted Lady.?

Watch LouLou unbox her Samsung S8 here:


The Interiors Guru


Photo credit: Anthony Woods

?I absolutely love my job, and how I can use my creativity on a daily basis. I'm a very visually-oriented person, and I always get goosebumps when I walk into a space I've designed, as it recalls so many positive, strong memories; like The Wilde building on Merrion Square for Iconic Offices, or the renovation I've recently completed for Bellinter House Hotel. I combine a lot of personal passions with work, fitting design shows and antique hunting into city breaks, and looking outdoors for inspiration, and I love sailing and hiking.

I'm an Instagram addict and find it a great?creative outlet to quickly share images and ideas. I love the Samsung Galaxy S8's split screen display function, so I can be uploading photographs while simultaneously working on other apps like Pinterest and WhatsApp. It's intuitive and smart, and the Samsung battery is a mighty thing in a slimline case - it just keeps going. Next on my to-do list is to build a travel blog to share all I've experienced, and the launch of a new interiors company called Reside. Watch this space!?

The Beauty Entrepreneur


Photo credit: Anthony Woods

?2017 is a busy one, to be sure. We've seen the roll-out of Cocoa Brown Ice Goddess highlighter and 1 Hour Tan Extra Dark across 10,000 stockists worldwide, and just recently, Khlo? Kardashian featured our Golden Goddess on her app, which was incredible. My phone is my constant companion - it's always glued to my hand for work, but I try to unplug at evenings and weekends.

Having said that, I'm always reaching for my Samsung Galaxy S8+ to access the camera - that's the most important feature for me, and it's why I'm a long-time Samsung user. I want images that don't need improving! I don't have time for fancy editing apps, so my camera needs to bring the A-game. Actually, when I initially switched to my S8+, my followers on Snapchat noticed the improvement in quality so dramatically, loads of them messaged me asking if I had started using a new phone, and what it was. We'll soon be moving to live in New York for a year to set up a US office, and you can be sure this S8+ is coming with me.

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