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by Lauren Heskin
23rd Nov 2020
pandemic jokes

If you don’t laugh, you will, almost certainly, cry. This piece was first published at the end of Lockdown #1 in May, but it feels as relevant now as ever…

These past few months have been a difficult time for everyone. People have lost jobs, seen their incomes slashed and businesses shuttered, been asked to tackle homeschooling, and even say a distant goodbye to loved ones. 

So before the keyboard warriors come for me, this is not an opportunity to poke fun at that. But let’s be honest. During these hard times, we could all use a laugh. Laughter is scoping mechanism to deal with this awful, strange, unprecedented year that 2020 has turned out to be.

So, without further ado, here are some of the best jokes, memes and humorous videos about living in a pandemic.


We learned lots of new things about ourselves…


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And got suuuuper into baking…


“Do you want to join with computer audio?” replaced “Your computer needs updating”. Of course I want to join with audio, I don’t want to stalk my friends conversations, just their social media comments.

Source: Bored Panda 


We found that #WFH was not all it was hyped up to be…


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Some of us, like tennis commentator Andrew Cotter, found a new avenues to channel our skills into…


But hitting rock bottom was inevitable…


And so we turned to new friends (and alcohol) for comfort…


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“Do not, I repeat, DO NOT, inject yourself with bleach” is not a PSA I thought I’d write in 2020 but here we are…

@whatchugotforme##fyp? original sound – whatchugotforme


Does anyone else feel like time as just stopped and it’s still March? Like when you go away on holiday and  everyone just froze until the moment you landed back in Dublin airport?


New Girl Star Max Greenfield is some of us trying to homeschool of our children (and some of us are his daughter… you know who you are).


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We learned that the royals, along with their inability to be nice to daughters-in-law, have only ever been the clappees and not the clappers…


Marie Kondoers (Kondoites?) might be regretting that “New Year, New Me” mentality during their January clear-out…


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But, for those lucky enough to be in lockdown at home, it’s been an opportunity to hang out with family…


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And, in twenty years’ time, this will all be just a sneaky question at the Wednesday night pub down the local… which you will be playing from home, on Zoom, sorry.

Featured image: Ivana Cajina on Unsplash

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