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Light some candles and make it a candlelit dinner every night

by Megan Burns
11th May 2019

Making time to sit down and eat dinner at the table might sound like something your mum made you do, but it’s undoubtedly a lovely ritual to have at the end of the day. Whether you exchange tales from work, discuss what the kids got up to, or just sit quietly, it’s a moment of pause in what can be a day where you feel like you haven’t stopped for a second.

We often talk about ‘candlelit dinners’ as something exclusively reserved for trips to Paris and all-out Valentine dinners, but there’s no reason for them to be. By having a nice candle holder and candle to hand, you’re far more likely to light it, not because it’s a special occasion, but just to make your evening that little bit nicer. Who doesn’t love the gentle flicker of a candle?

We’ve picked some options to adorn your dinner table with, whether it’s a steak and wine night, or just a pasta and sauce kind of evening.

candlelit dinner

Formal enough for a dinner party but sleek enough to stay on the table permanently, this design holds four long candles, which will provide plenty of light. It also doubles as a centrepiece during the daytime, even when the candles aren’t lit. Kubus black 4 candleholder, €148, Finnish Design Shop


candlelit dinner

If you’re not ready to commit to the traditional long candles, why not go for a more casual tealight holder? It will add a soft glow without dominating your table, and no one is going to knock it over, either. This terrazzo design gets bonus points for being extremely on-trend. Terrazzo tealight holder, €7.99, Zara Home


candlelit dinner

The simplest designs are often the ones we use most often, which is why we can see these pared-back offerings becoming a permanent fixture at our tables. Completed with a long candle, they’ll add a little something to a weeknight dinner, without feeling over the top. Their textured finish will also add interest to the table. Cast iron candle holder, €16.50, Industry & Co


candlelit dinner

If it seems like a waste to light a candle for a dinner that will only last 10 minutes (no judgement, hanger is real), why not go for a design that you can easily move when you’re done? The cute handle on this glass tea light holder means you can put it next to your Netflix/reading/trying not to fall asleep spot on the sofa when dinner is over. Chickidee green glass tea light candle holder, €8.30, Asos


candlelit dinner

Reminiscent of more traditional candle holders, yet with a modern edge, this iron design will look equally elegant in the centre of a table, or lighting up a sideboard or mantelpiece. Finish with black candles for a monochrome look. Madison black cast metal long dinner candle holder, around €29, Habitat

And to fill them…


Beeswax dinner candles, €12.50, Irish Design Shop. Colour merging candles, €12, Industry & Co. Jubla unscented candles, €6, Ikea.

Featured image: Tunes centrepiece, €170, Finnish Design Shop

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