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10 Items to Enhance Your Working Wardrobe

06th Jan 2015

Now that we’re back to the reality of 7.30 alarms, frosty commutes and spending the day slumped at your desk sipping something Christmas-tree coloured, it’s time we at least cheered ourselves up with some cute office wear. This January, we’re loving spring pastels, bold prints and statement accessories to keep things fresh in the office.

Here’s our picks of a select few statement items which are sure to liven up your working wardrobe.

Black Jersey Floral Print Pencil Skirt, €29, River Island

Shop it here.

Imperial Wool Collarless Coat, €137 (was €273), French Connection

Shop it here.

Shadow Dance Skinny Trousers, €39 (were €98), French Connection

Shop it here.

Arya Sharply Tailored Blazer Flamingo, €144 (was €295), Reiss

Shop it here.

Cream Embellished Feather Necklace, €55, River Island

Shop it here.

Pink Plackett concealed Cotton Shirt, €45.52, Atterley Road

Shop it here.

Polish Steel Strapped Watch, €155, French Connection

Shop it here.

Selected Femme Henry Blazer, €40.85 (was €115.54), Atterley Road

Shop it here.

Cherry Orchard Georgette Waisted Dress, €67.69 (was €134.22), French Connection

Shop it here.

Lilac Large Satchel, €40, River Island

Shop it here.

Hannah Popham?@HannahPopham

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