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How To Achieve Brilliant Brows

07th Apr 2017

Perhaps one of the most difficult things to get right in terms of grooming and make-up, is the perfect brow. We are led by brow trends and our own personal face shape in this quest and things can get a tad confusing. The thicker brow continues to’dominate the brow-niverse at the moment, but should we aspire to this Lily Collins-esque shape? Can anyone pull this off? And, even if we crave such a look, unless we are blessed with thick brows, what products do we need to help us along?

Our experts and IMAGE Business of Beauty Awards nominees for Best Brow Artist gave us the lowdown. We questioned them on style, product and the rather scary tattooed brow phenomena, to find out what they think is best and what will work for us as individuals.

Is there one rule to always keep in mind when it comes to brows?

Oh, I don’t really like rules, but I think it’s important to learn from our mistakes.? All that plucking we did to our own brows in the 90’s has resulted in so many brow problems.? I would urge people not to pluck their own brows. Over plucking can cause the follicle to stop growing and become dormant.? Find a professional brow artist, book a consultation and work from there.? Hide the tweezers, I promise you’ll reap the rewards!

Emma Hogan Eyre, Eyrebrushed Makeup Studios

Keep it simple. The best brow will always be one that is understated, elegant and in keeping with your natural colouring and face shape. Less is more, though there’s always something to improve!

Elizabeth?Farrelly, The Brow Artist

Who does brows well? Perhaps a celebrity or brow artist you admire?

God, there’s so many, but I do love Emily Ratajkowski perfectly messy brows. I love that they’re not too sharp/defined.
Eve-Ellen Kavanagh, For Your Eyes Only
Christopher Kane SS17
Jason Lloyd Evans

In terms of products, what would you recommend for brow shaping/filling?

My favourite brow product for daytime is definitely just a really sharp pencil, I think it creates the most natural look. It takes time to get the hang of creating hair strokes with a pencil, but I much prefer it over?any brow gels or shadow.

Eve-Ellen Kavanagh, For Your Eyes Only

There are so many great products out there for your brows. One of my favourites is the Cailyn Gelux Brow Pomade which is super as it is a one-step application, powder, wax & pencil all rolled into one. It’s highly pigmented, dryer than other Pomades I have used which I have always found too wet and they can look like eyeliner which can look very harsh. It’s designed to last 24 hours and is so easy to apply with a built-in brush, I love this product.

Claudine King, Claudine King Brows

Skinny brows, heavy brows, or middling brows? Your personal preference.

My personal preference is middling brows. Slimmer or bigger brows can be gorgeous on a person, depending on the shape of their face and what suits them best. Brows will suit a person most if they aren’t dominating other facial features or indeed are so thin that they have no presence at all. Different sizes and shapes are good and should be tailored to suit the individual.

Claudine King, Claudine King Brows

You need to embrace them all, depending on the situation! I do believe that heavy brows have had their moment in the limelight, and at The Brow Artist we’re seeing a move away from dark, statement brows in favour of softer, more delicate shapes – possibly what you’d describe as ‘middling’. I think people have been scared off skinny brows, as many people now realise that growing them back is not always possible after years of excessive plucking. I’d say, steer clear of skinny, and after that why not experiment!

Elizabeth Farrelly, The Brow Artist

Aquilano Rimondi SS17

Photo: Jason Lloyd Evans

What is the one thing to avoid when it comes to brows?

If you’re blonde, avoid having them too light. Eyebrows on blondes should be three shades darker than their natural head hair colour. This prevents the face becoming bland.? If you’re dark, the brows?should be matched to your natural head hair color, not the colour you’ve dyed your hair to become! There is nothing worse than seeing an overly darkened brow… it’s the one thing you notice!

Elaine McParland, Up To My Eyes

How do you feel about the tattooed brow situation?

Up To My Eyes were the first in England and Ireland to introduce the method of lightly tattooing brows back in 2011. We are still the only ones in the country that know the technique of creating light feather strokes without cutting down into the skin, without microblading. The brow is created slowly over a period of 3 months, allowing clients to have total control over their brows,

as the first stage as not semi-permanent. We have seen such wonderful, natural looking transformations over the last five years and I cannot begin to describe how much I love this treatment. It has changed the look and lives of so many and I am very grateful to be in a position to offer this wonderful service to those who have been distressed over their brow shapes in the past.

Elaine McParland, Up To My Eyes

Nina Ricci SS17

Photo: Jason Lloyd Evans


Do you have one great tip for styling brows to suit the face?

Brows should always be bespoke, personal preference is hugely important as are the measurements of the face.? Before I do anything I always study the face shape, the size of the forehead is very important, as are the size and shape of the eyes.? Mother Nature gave us flatter brows if we have smaller foreheads,? and more arched brows if we have larger foreheads. Working with this in mind helps me to create brows that compliment the facial structure.

Emma Hogan Eyre, Eyrebrushed Makeup Studios


Featured image: Vivienne Westwood SS17, Jason Lloyd ?Evans