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5 ways to get the most out of your skincare routine

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by Eva Hall
29th Apr 2020
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As we enter into week six of staying at home, our six-step cleanse, tone and moisturise routines have all but faded away. We asked an expert how to get back on track.

We’ve all been there in the skincare aisle looking for any lotion or potion that will give us quick results.

Whether your problem is adult acne, dry skin or imperfections from pores, we all have skin issues that we’d rather see the back of.

But is there any one cream or serum or mask that can actually solve our problems, and fast?

We asked Olivia Foley, co-owner of Allure Beauty and Nail Spa in Drumcondra, Dublin, to get real on what’s needed for an impactful skincare routine that will give us confidence and satisfaction. Olivia laid out five simple steps we should all be following in order to achieve this.

Allure Beauty and Nail Spa offers a range of facials, including an Image Skincare facial in salon. Photo: Allure

1.  Book a skin consultation

Olivia advises getting expert advice for the best results. “The best way to find out what to use on your skin is to get a consultation. You will find out exactly what your skin needs, exactly how you should be using the products and what order to use them.” At Allure, Olivia and the team will provide a consultation to pinpoint what your problem areas are, and what you are looking to achieve. They will give their expert opinion on what kinds of treatments should follow, and any skincare prep you should do beforehand. And Allure has adapted to the current circumstances we find ourselves in and is now holding skin consultation services online. The salon stocks premium brands such as Environ, Image, Skingredients and Advanced Nutrition Supplements. Book online here.

2. SPF is not just for summer

We’re all a little guilty of neglecting SPF in the colder months. But Olivia says not only does it protect against harmful UV rays, it’s also the “best anti-ageing product you can use on your skin”. “Wear it everyday, not just when it’s sunny. Don’t forget to apply some to your chest and the back of your hands.” And if you’re worried about your lack of tan, Olivia, nominated in the Best Tanning Professional category at this year’s IMAGE Business of Beauty Awards, powered by Dyson, offers a range of spray tans in the salon. She supplies SoSu Dripping Gold, Bellamianta, He-Shi and Catwalk HQ.

Sun protection cream is not just for your holidays. Photo: Getty Images

3. Exfoliate

“Exfoliation is essential for healthy skin,” says Olivia. “It helps increase cell turnover and enables your products to penetrate deeper into the skin. Be careful not to use any harsh scrubs on the skin.” Exfoliating not only allows your skincare serums to deeply penetrate under the surface, it also helps your make-up go on smoother. And Olivia says exfoliating is essential before a spray tan – but not the day before. “Keep your skin well prepped by moisturising every day. A few days before applying fake tan, exfoliate your skin all over. When it comes to the day of applying fake tan, it’s important that you don’t exfoliate, spray deodorant or apply any body lotion (except for hands and feet).”

4. Consider a skin supplement

Lots of women are opting for supplements – in conjunction with a balanced diet – to enhance their skin, hair and nails at every age. “Supplements will give quicker results than products and work on a deeper level than products can reach. These should be recommended during your skin consultation,” says Olivia. Anyone concerned about capsules and lotions, there are a range of supplements to complement your skin that now come in tasty gummy form.

5.  Treat yourself to regular facials

“Regular facials will keep your skin looking its best and will be targeted to exactly what your skin needs,” says Olivia. At Allure, Olivia and the team offer treatments using Image Skincare, Environ, Dermalogica and CACI. Each trained consultant will meet with a client before they start on their skincare journey. Allure also offers a full beauty and pamper suite from head to toe, offering waxing, eyelash extensions, spray tans, manicures and pedicures.

Main photo: Getty Images

For more information on Allure Beauty and Nail Spa, visit online.

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