These are the most popular baby names for 2019... so far

Amanda Cassidy on one of the biggest decisions you'll ever have to make... making a choice about baby names.

Chances are that you've harboured your favourite names since childhood - performing naming ceremonies on dolls and avoiding any negative associations with your dream name. (Every one of my dolls had NANCY scrawled across their forehead in black marker.) You are finally pregnant, and then comes the day that you reveal the Chosen Name to your partner (drum roll, honey) ...only to have them grimace in disgust and shake their head slowly. No. Never. Eugh.

Naming your baby is a big responsibility. It is also a valuable lesson in collaboration with the human who helped you create the squirmy little cutie currently performing backflips under your ribs. My best doll's name was vetoed pretty rapidly when I fell pregnant with my daughter. The second time around, I knew better and convinced my lovely husband that I would humbly acquiesce to the name Bobby because he obviously really loved it. Cue a slow, puzzled nod (he'd never mentioned the name) and voilá, handsome Bobby (and my number one boy's name) became a reality. I was never going to risk losing the best boy's name in the world.

Then, of course, you have to contend with the fact that often couples fall in love with the same name. Couples who happen to be friends. The dilemma: do you go ahead with your name choice even though they might be 'put out' that you 'stole' their name? Or do you remember that hormones make people crazy and that you'll name your offspring whatever the hell you like? I have an Isabella and my sister has a Belle. Both my friends have sons called Max. There are four Sophies in Junior Infants. Everyone is still alive.


2019 trends

This year sees more of the sophisticated continental names that were popular back in 2018, like Elio, Elodie and Theodora, but short punchy choices are now front and centre.

Pretty Ada tops the girl's name list from Nameberry (Editors have been tracking the 2018 trends and birth cert registrations to predict which names parents will be picking in 2019). Whimsical Ariella and Astrid join adorable Wren and Elsie as some of the most popular girl's names. Little boys at the playground will now answer to staccato-sounding Otto, Jet and Atlas.

Nature-inspired colours seem to be topping the baby moniker lists for the year ahead too. Natural hues (think Fawn and Ivory) will be trending along with jewel-inspired names like Emerald and Topaz. Animal-themed names are also going to be huge in 2019, with Lynx and Hawk swooping in to take the top spots this year alongside old-grandma names like Mabel and Esther.

Here are the top 100 baby names for 2019 to kick off your wish list. Now's the time to start laying the groundwork for one of the most important collaborations you'll ever have to do with your significant other. (But hands off Bobby - that name is MINE).

Girl's names

  1. Ada
  2. Adira
  3. Alma
  4. Anastasia
  5. Andromeda
  6. Ariella
  7. Astrid
  8. Beatrix
  9. Birdie
  10. Calliope
  11. Cassia
  12. Cecilia
  13. Claudia
  14. Cleo
  15. Clover
  16. Colette
  17. Cordelia
  18. Cressida
  19. Delphine
  20. Elodie
  21. Elowen
  22. Elsie
  23. Emmeline
  24. Esther
  25. Etta
  26. Everly
  27. Flora
  28. Freya
  29. June
  30. Juno
  31. Lavinia
  32. Lilith
  33. Lucia
  34. Lumi
  35. Lyra
  36. Mabel
  37. Maisie
  38. Margot
  39. Nola
  40. Ophelia
  41. Orla
  42. Ottilie
  43. Persephone
  44. Posie
  45. Selah
  46. Teagan
  47. Theodora
  48. Thora
  49. Valentina
  50. Wren

Boy's names

  1. Ambrose
  2. Amias
  3. Amos
  4. Archer
  5. Arlo
  6. Asa
  7. Atlas
  8. August
  9. Azariah
  10. Bear
  11. Beau
  12. Bennett
  13. Briar
  14. Brooks
  15. Caius
  16. Calix
  17. Cassian
  18. Cassius
  19. Desmond
  20. Ellis
  21. Emerson
  22. Emrys
  23. Evander
  24. Everett
  25. Ezra
  26. Flynn
  27. Gideon
  28. Isaiah
  29. Jett
  30. Jude
  31. Julian
  32. Kai
  33. Kit
  34. Leon
  35. Louis
  36. Malcolm
  37. Maverick
  38. Micah
  39. Milo
  40. Otto
  41. Rafferty
  42. Rhys
  43. Sawyer
  44. Silas
  45. Theo
  46. Theodore
  47. Torin
  48. Victor
  49. Zeke
  50. Zephyr

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