50 cute and sassy names perfect for your spring baby

Hey, Ivy. Hey, Robin. Spring is about to spring up, but despite the unusually chilly weather, nature's proud displays have inspired us to compile the cutest baby names for your impending spring baby.

These nature-based monikers are organic, fresh and, let's face it, completely adorable (without being too kooky). Springtime has long been a symbol of innocence, purity and fresh beginnings — which is exactly how your tiny babe comes into the world.

Derived from trees, flowers and beautiful things created in the natural world, these names are guaranteed to blow the animal baby name trend from last spring right out of the water! (Hear that, Bear?)





1. Bud - after Spring's first display of rebirth.


2. Robin - after the sweet and trusting bird.



3. Denver - meaning "green valley".


4. Atwell - meaning "lives by a spring ".


5. Weldon - meaning "hill near a spring".


6. Bradwell - means "from the broad spring".




7. Xavier - meaning "bright".


8. Neville - meaning "new town".



9. Maxwell - after the Scottish word for "Magnus' spring".


10. River - your little flowing river.


11. Byrn - Welsh for hill


12. Heath - a devastatingly handsome moor.



13. Aster - the Greek word for a star (for your little star).


14. Indigo - a dark blue plant. (This might be nice as a middle name too)


15. Oliver - inspired by the humble olive tree




Sweet girls


1. Poppy - after the cheerful red flower.


2. Claire - after the French word for "bright and clear".



3. Dahlia - after the beautiful flower.


4. Dawn - meaning "new day".

5. April - inspired by the beautiful springtime month we are currently enjoying.



6. Florence - after the Latin word meaning "bloom".


7. Blossom - after the flowers that bloom during spring.


8. Raine - "April showers bring May flowers!”


9. Diamond - it's the April birthstone - one of the most valuable and sparkling gems on earth (derived from the Latin meaning “invincible and untamed.”)



10. Daisy - after the gorgeous white flower


11. Amber - inspired by the fossilized tree resin with a golden colour.


12. Ava - the Latin for little bird.



13. Ivy - hardy climbing vines.


14. Meadow - a yellowy field of grass.


15. Talia - Hebrew for the morning dew.

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