Zac Efron's Brother Dylan Is Also Very, Very Hot

While High School Musical Zac Efron was a secret crush - bowl haircuts and obvious fake tan were reason enough to keep our feelings on the DL - but there's no shame about fancying this veritable hunk in the year of our lord 2015. See above. Also see the shower scene in The Lucky One, where Taylor Schilling's character showcases the clearest cinematic definition of ?jumping his bones? we can currently think of. Oh, and That Awkward Moment was really great too. Very underrated. There's a DJing movie on the cards too, called We Are Your Friends. Which we're not really feeling because if there's going to be a DJing movie made please make it a fictionalisation of Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris? love story.

However, there is now another Efron who is geting our lady cycle pulses racing. Meet Dylan Efron, 23 and fine. Zac posted a photograph of him hanging with his brother on Instagram yesterday and let Dylan and his sculpted torso shine. Albeit in a blurry shot.


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The internet in relation to Dylan Efron is a blank slate. He seems to fly under the radar and isn't looking for fame. However, we can sense a modeling career on the cards if he wants to strike while the Instagram iron is hot. Their biological parents done good. While the future of our Dylan Efron lurking is uncertain, at least Zac keeps contributing to the female gaze via the medium of Instagram. Here he is on his computer topless.

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Here he is with a puppy.



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Another puppy shot.

The morning after we rescued him #ChappelleShow A photo posted by Zac Efron (@zacefron) on

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