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Rosalind Jana is one impressive 18 year old. An English literature student at Oxford University, she's also a pretty in demand freelance writer with her work appearing in Grazia, Tatler and Vogue - she won their 2011 Talent Contest for young writers. Rosalind began her blog Clothes, Cameras and Coffee in 2009 while on a sick day - I guess sniffling people were more productive in the days before Netflix - and her writing and profile has gone from strength to strength ever since.

Clothes, Cameras and Coffee is a treasure trove of more-than-your-usual outfit posts. The photography, shot on location in a sumptuously rural England, works a modern Pre-Raphaelite aesthetic while the writing is seriously literary and engaging. Besides being a contributor to the Oxfam blog and winner of the Well-Dressed Award at last year's Observer Ethical Awards, Rosalind is also a pretty capable correspondent for sustainability in fashion. She caught our attention with this piece published in The Guardian just before Christmas, a sensible and timely ode?against buying the ultimate party dress every Christmas.

So go on, boil the kettle, have a perusal and take note of this name to watch.


Jeanne Sutton @jeannedesutun

All images are copyrighted to Rosalind Jana of Clothes, Cameras and Coffee.

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