Your Heels Are Aging You

Reach for those brogues, because you might have to make some footwear resolutions in a few minutes. A recent study from the brains over at Stanford University, where fictional hot dad Sandy Cohen ended up lecturing, has found that walking in heels can make you walk like a woman who has aged 20 years.

So much for a sultry gait.

The Journal of Orthopaedic Studies research involved measuring women walking in different heel heights - flats, a 1.5 inch heel, and a stiletto. Then walking with and without a heavy vest - which was 20% of the participant's weight - was added into the mix.

While women walked under the different conditions particular attention was paid to knees. With the highest heel is was observed knees were more likely to be bent when walking and hitting the ground. This leads to knee strain and reflects the effects of arthritis. The study was pretty damning regarding long-term use of high heels, saying that the more time spent in higher heels the more?increased the risk?of osteoarthritis.


While other studies and anecdotal evidence may suggest high heels are the way to go to get men looking your way (the Archives of Sexual Behaviour published a study last month saying that men are more likely to help a woman in heels than one in flats), we think there is nothing sexier than taking care of yourself. So shake up the shoe routine with a nice trainer every now and then.

Your knees will thank you.

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