What does your font choice say about you?

Did you know that your font choice says a lot about who you are as a person? Read on to find out what your typeface says about you

Twitter is full of the weird and the wonderful.

Once in its depths, it can make one look at the darkest parts of their soul.

Over the last two days, it has done just that by asking users what their preferred font is. This type of conversation can open wounds. It's visceral and gives an unbarred look into a person's psyche.


Due to its unsettling nature, we decided to take a look at nine fonts in particular and what each says about the person who chooses them.

Warning: These are completely made up. No harm was intended at the time of writing. We are all free to choose whatever font we want without judgement.

Times New Roman

You are classic. You don't like change. A glass of vintage malbec is your drink du jour. You read obscure literature that you secretly don't understand.

Probably voted for Brexit.



Full of self-loathing. Afraid you will never fulfil your true potential. You adore prosecco. Have bought all of Tony Robbins self-help books but have not read them because they make you think about your wasted potential.

You secretly fancy David Mitchell from Peep Show.

Comic Sans

You love a good party. You work in project management. Go to Electric Picnic every year even though you know deep down you are getting too old for it.

You play the guitar and take it out at the end of every house party to play 'Wonderwall'.



You are passive-aggressive. Believe sarcasm to be the highest form of wit. Have no time for basic people.

You are the "as per my last email" of the fonts.


You take the easy way out. Enjoy microwave meals. In group projects, you sit back and let everyone else do the work.


And then you take the credit.


You are having a mid-life crisis.

Zapfino 15

You write poetry and sonnets. You own a quill pen and write on paper called Midori.


Use Shakespeare quotes as chat-up lines on Tinder.


A millennial. Worried you will never own your own home. Get irate and tweet your frustrations on Twitter.

Likes brunch and going on hikes.

Word Art


Talented. Brilliant. Incredible. Amazing. Showstopping. Spectacular. Never the same. Totally unique. Completely not ever been done before.

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