Yes, Selfies Are Ruining Your Relationship

Have you embraced the selfie? Do you ignore the haters who accuse the phenomenon of encouraging vanity? Perhaps you shut these folk down by referencing all those standing for hours portraits that helped keep the Dutch Masters and all those related guys in business?and out of artist-y?hovels. How can a selfie hurt anyone? You're performing an act of self-love. You are a witness to your own existence.

And yet.

A new study says that selfies may actually harm your relationship, if you are partaking in one.?Florida State University asked over 420 Instagram users aged 18 to 62 about their selfie-taking habits, alongside questions about body image and relationship satisfaction. Those happiest with their bodies were "more well-versed in the art of the selfie", Glamour reports. These people didn't score so well on the relationship front, however. The people who took more selfies were less satisfied with their relationships and tended to go through more break-ups and experienced infidelity more frequently.


The studies authors concluded their findings as thus: "Body image satisfaction is sequentially associated with increased Instagram selfie posting and Instagram-related conflict, which is related to increased negative romantic relationship outcomes."

The researchers posited that maybe selfies incubate jealousy in partners. A like or comment from a rival can maybe ignite those caveperson survival of the hottest feelings.

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