This Year's Superbowl Performances Ranked, Of Course Beyonc? Is Number 1

Last night that thing called the Superbowl was on. American football was played. Giselle's husband Tom Brady didn't win. He wasn't even playing. That trivia nugget of an honour went to the Denver Broncos. It is their third Superbowl win, according to a Google Search Result skim.

We'll be honest, beyond Friday Night Lights, American football is not our thing. However, we do appreciate the spirit of the occasion, the embrace of musical spectacle, the fact Beyonc?'s halftime performance was why most of us showed up to the party. Which is the reason we gave her the number one spot in our round-up of the game's musical interludes.

1. This weekend belonged to Beyonc?. On Saturday she dropped the groundbreaking ?Formation? and on Sunday she owned the Superbowl. Again. There were flames and flawless choreography. It was a joy.


2. Lady Gaga in a red suit, Gucci, singing the US national anthem. Give us that. We're kinda more into how she looked doing this than how she did it. But presentation matters.

3. My mother likes Bruno Mars so we're giving him a medal placing. He did sing ?Uptown Funk? and is as cute as a button.

4. Don't get me started on Chris Martin. Or do. I have plenty I can and cannot say. Coldplay brought out the Tesco shelf guns with a mash-up of ?Yellow? and ?Viva La Vida?. As an opener it was all bright colours and radio friendly. Let them off.

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