WATCH: Actor Stanley Tucci shows us how to cook marinara sauce and simple gnocchi

It seems Stanely Tucci is a living and breathing cocktail and cooking book and we couldn't love it more if we tried. Here are two of his most recent recipes

How does one buy a Stanley Tucci?

Is there a website? Or a husband swap initiative we can get involved in?

The actor sent hearts aflutter and caused salivary glands to work on overdrive when he showed us how to make a negroni and scotch sour. And now he is making our stomachs flip and initiating a certain type of hunger by cooking marinara sauce and gnocchi.


How did he know we love tomato-based sauces and carbs?

Not only does he give us a step by step video demonstration, he kindly has written the instructions in detail in the caption which we have included below.

Simple Gnocchi


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"Gnocchi has been one of our favourite lockdown dinners as it’s simple to make, uses few ingredients and everyone loves it! You can serve with pesto, marinara, fresh cherry tomatoes cooked in oil with garlic, or sage butter. Versatile and SO good.

• 1.5 lbs/ 700g yellow-fleshed potatoes, skin on


• Salt

• 1 large egg and egg yolk

• 2 teaspoons olive oil

• Approx. ¼ teaspoon of ground nutmeg

• ¾ to 1 cup / 100-125g of plain flour, as needed (00 flour if you have aka pasta flour as it’s extremely fine)

• 1 cup/ 85g finely grated parmesan cheese

• More flour for rolling, and semolina flour for dusting.


This should serve about 4/5 people however in the video I am cooking for twice this many!


- Place potatoes, skin-on, in a medium saucepan and cover with cold water. Season with salt and bring to a low boil.

- Cook until the potatoes are extremely tender when pierced with a fork but not breaking apart.

- Drain the potatoes and let cool slightly, then remove the skin by simply peeling it off. Easiest to do when the potatoes are still warm.

- Mash the potatoes in a bowl with a fork/potato masher, or use a ricer if you are fancy. Try to work out any lumps.

- Make a well in the centre and liberally sprinkle a tablespoon of salt over the potatoes. Distribute your cheese and ¾ cup of your flour around the edge of your well.


- Mix your egg, oil, nutmeg and add to the well.

- Using a fork start to gently incorporate your ingredients and then use your hands to bring together. Add more flour if needed to form a smooth dough.

- Lightly flour a work surface, take a piece of dough (think the size of a small satsuma) and roll it out into a thin log, about half an inch thick. Cut into small pieces and place on a tray with either flour or ideally semolina flour. Coat by shaking the tray, this will stop them sticking. Keep going!

- Once done ensure your tray is not over-crowded and each gnocchi is dusted with either flour or semolina.

- You can cook straight away in boiling salted water. Or place in fridge.

- When cooking the gnocchi will take only a minute to come to the top of the saucepan. Scoop off and add to a frying pan with your sauce."

Marinara Sauce




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"We always have a batch of marinara in the fridge as you can serve with any kind of pasta, gnocchi, use it on pizzas, and add to many other dishes. It’s so quick and easy to make and is most importantly delicious.

• 3 x small cans of good quality tomatoes (my preference are San Marzano)

• 1/2 white onion sliced thinly (optional but I like it as it adds sweetness)

• 2 garlic cloves peeled and sliced in half and a few fresh basil leave


• a pinch of dried oregano

• olive oil

• salt


- Warm the olive oil in a large frying pan over a medium heat. Add garlic and onions and cook until the onions are soft (but not browned like mine!)

- Add the tomatoes to the pan and gently crush with a fork.

- Stir in the oregano, and basil and season with salt.


- Simmer until the tomatoes have thickened and sweetened, about 25 minutes.

This sauce can be prepared and then either refrigerated or frozen."

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