Worried About How Private Your Messages Are? Use MYNE

What do you look for in your messaging apps?

You want it to be free, of course. This is 2017, those of us using messaging apps outside of iMessage barely pay for movies anymore. You want it to be easy to use, naturally. We're all very busy and important, thank you very much, and don't have time for complicated apps. You want all of your friends and everyone you could ever want to contact to be available to contact via the messaging app. And lastly, and most importantly, you want the conversations you have on your messaging apps to be private?and for you to have control of what you say and send.

Being digitally safe online is of tantamount importance these days. Maybe you have just emerged from under your rock and missed anything to do with?Hilary Clinton's emails, or you've forgotten about the iCloud hack that brought the private pictures of many celebrities plastered all over the internet. If?you think that digital safety doesn't apply to you, that putting a bit of tape over the mic and camera on your laptop is for the Mark Zuckerburgs and Peter Thiels of the world, you need to put a bit of tape over the?part of your brain that thinks, "sure who'd be reading my emails anyway".

MYNE is an app that offers messaging, voice, video and broadcasting in one, protects your privacy, but also allows you to regain control over the pictures and words you send to someone else's phone.


And even if you aren't about to reveal classified information and national security details that your government is secretly spying on the world, keeping your personal life personal and being digitally safe online is important to us all. Aside from a) encrypting all your memories so no one can ever steal your identity, b) changing your passwords on the hour and c) in the event of all your passwords being the names of things, like your Mam's name, renaming her something case-sensitive that has punctuation in it, is at least 8 characters long and contains an uppercase letter and a special character (hey M%0M!2\! What's for dinner?M%0M!2\?) - the least you can do is have some control over your messages.

Here's how the privacy works.

Along with a secure encryption,?MYNE'does not store messages in any cloud, everything stays on your phone. As it is explained to me, with MYNE, you're in control of your communication and can always say, 'my information is MYNE.? MYNE also plans on continuing to advance their security features in the coming months. ?

On a much more trivial note than privacy and digital security in the Trump era, MYNE has some really great features outside of just top-notch privacy. Ever been a victim of Drunk You, A Hot Mess, sending a message that Sober You, An Intellectual, wouldn't have approved of? Ever wanted to delete a message after you've pressed 'send'? Or fix an embarrassing typo? With MYNE, you can take your message, photo or video back and delete it after you've sent it - not just from your phone, but from the phone you sent it to. You can edit or delete a message, even in a group, before or after?it's been seen.

While MYNE may be one of many messaging services, no other app today will give you as much control over your words.?You can set a self-destruct timer on your messages and selfies, group call with one touch and live broadcast to your friends. The voice, video?and even broadcasting quality is HD. On top of the security and editing features, one of the most impressive features is that MYNE can make calls even without a data connection or deliver your messages to people without the the app.

So back to the check-list of what you want from your messaging apps. Free, easy to use and absolute privacy? All yes. The only thing missing right now on MYNE is your friends. MYNE has a solution for that - even if your friends don't have the app, you can send a message, using MYNE, to anyone in your contact list. ?MYNE will send it to them in text message, for free.


Now, go download it, then stress the importance of digital privacy to all of your friends and get them to download it too. And change all your passwords.

Download MYNE on the App Store here?or for Android here.

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