Women Who Make The First Move Are More Successful On Dating Apps

The search for love can be fraught with difficulties and even though modern love has changed thanks to the popularity of dating apps, some (not all) women are still very much traditionalists.?Let it be said that there's absolutely nothing wrong with this, some just prefer if it's the male who sends the first text, Tinder message or 'ping' and they'd rather be asked to enter wedded bliss by him also. Some are also shy and thus veer away from being the one to initiate conversation with a potential date. However, a new survey has said that ladies who take the plunge and message first will be more successful on dating apps than a male.

Research from OK Cupid of?70,000?users?on their site found that heterosexual women who made the first move were two and a half?times more likely to gain a response?than a'man who'messages first. So why do we still hold back? Nerves? Outdated custom (the is he really interested if he doesn't make the first move type fear)? It's likely a combination of both, but perhaps it's time to get our arses in gear and take more initiative?in our quest for romance.

Further research from dating app Happn proved the above really is a common theme. It found that half?of their female users never make the first move. Whereas men made the first move on 94% of occasions. Okay, so say you want to do this more but are anxious about taking the plunge, maybe it's time to broaden your dating app horizons.

Cleverly, that's where the Bumble app can help. It's the premise of the app: only women can start conversations. Following a match, women have 24 hours to message a man and if they don't, the match disappears.


No matter which route you decide to go down, why not grit your teeth and start doing this more while you're enjoying the dating scene. If nothing else, you'll exude confidence and stand out from the crowd.

Via Cosmopolitan

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