Red Carpet: Women Asked Dumb Questions

Upworthy are famed for their no bullshit attitude and this time round they've done it again with a video montage of amazingly talented women being asked about their dresses and fitness regimes on the red carpet. You'd swear they weren't there to receive awards based on their work or something?

Last year Cate Blanchett called out a camera running up and down her body, asking ?Do you do that to the guys?? So it's nice to that included as one of the rallying cries for the media to objectify women less.

Sadly, we're in for a long season of Who Is Wearing What. And considering men who win Oscars increase their pay packet by $3.9 million, while women only add on $500,000 in comparison, according to this Grazia story, it doesn't look like actresses are going to be taken seriously on the red carpet anytime soon.


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