Win The Day – Top Techniques To Power Up Your Productivity

Nathalie Marquez Courtney stops hitting the snooze button, puts down her phone, and dives into some world-class routines guaranteed to boost productivity, reduce stress and unlock your creative potential. If you win the morning, you win the day – or so the saying goes. For many of us, despite our best intentions, mornings inevitably include one or all of the following: copious hitting of the snooze button, immediate checking of emails, Facebook and Instagram, with a side of terrifying world news, followed by rushed showers, thrown back coffees and a sprint out the door. Looked at in the cold light of later that day, it’s not the healthiest way to start things off. Not for our bodies, our wellbeing or our minds. Each morning is a clean slate, and a few simple tweaks can have long-lasting effects. Morning rituals help create the momentum that power the rest of your day. You have more control over your morning than any other time of day (even if that means dragging yourself out of bed an hour earlier than usual). If you want to procrastinate less, reduce anxiety or just begin each day feeling productive, prepared and positive, a good morning routine could be the key to staying on top of things. Whether you’re a night owl or an early bird doesn’t really matter – the important thing to focus on is building a sustainable, enjoyable daily habit. It’s less about what time you get up at, and more about making a deliberate choice about how you spend the beginning of your day.

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