Will Kim Launch a Fitness App?

Kim Kardashian. You either love her, or you're jealous. While some lament that her startlingly impressive ascent is all four horsemen of the pop culture apocalypse, you can't deny the woman has moxie. Specifically when it comes to making money.

Her app, where you're a cartoon avatar climbing the greasy Hollywood pole trying become as famous as Mrs. Kanye West herself, was one of the most surprising successes of the tech world last year. Forbes predicted revenue of $200 solely from the game, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, with Kim netting 45% of net profits. And to think she started out as Paris Hilton's PA. The Cinderella of our times.

With such a track record, it makes sense for Kim to delve back into the lucrative world of tech. Reports abound that the reality tv star slash entrepreneur has been developing a workout app these past few months. According to The Sun, the alleged app will focus on toning and will encourage users to post ?belfies? on social media. (For those of you who have a phone that uses buttons, a belfie is a butt selfie. It was not the Oxford Dictionary's most recent world of the year, but there's always this year.) The end goal? A derriere like Kim's.


Kim's posterior is one of the most famous in the world. It sought to break the internet late last year when Kardashian posed nude for Paper magazine and she has inspired many a young woman to google search €30 day squat challenge?.

Will you download Kim's app?

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