Watch: Will & Grace Return To Our Screens With Brilliant Presidential Sketch

Earlier we learned that popular sitcom Will &?Grace is set to return to our screens (at some stage - a date has yet to be decided). In the meantime, however, and aptly timed right before the most-watched presidential debate in history, the funny duo released a hilarious antidotal comic sketch about the upcoming election. The 9-minute scene see's the return of the shows primitive cast - Will, Grace, Karen, and Jack; each giving their honest and hilarious anecdotes about the Presidential candidates.

While the sketch is obviously hilarious a poignant feeling lies dormant in our minds. The cast hone in on the importance of?people using their vote actively and responsibly this coming November in the general election. See for yourself in the video below.

The popular show featuring Will - a gay lawyer, and Grace - an interior designer, first aired in May 2006 and enjoyed massive success over its lifespan.


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