Will Ferrell is a Modern Day St. Patrick

If you think there are no longer any good people in the world, think again. On Letterman last night,'downright funny man Will Ferrell outed himself as the protector of New York from the snakes on St. Patrick's Day. His canonization awaits.

Every St. Patrick's Day, Will dresses up and "walks the streets of New York, educating people on the dangers of snakes." It's a thankless job but somebody has to do it, especially since in the last year "there's been 36,000 snake attacks in New York City." Then, as if we needed any more proof that Ferrell should be named an honorary Irish man, he performed his own particularly snake-themed rendition of Danny Boy. Bravo!

Meanwhile, over on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, showbiz' busiest TV host took part in a particularly stereotypical sketch stating the pros and cons of celebrating St. Patrick's Day. The Samuel L. Jackson Snakes On A Plane reference had us giggling quietly in the office this morning.


While it's wonderful for our American counterparts to be celebrating and promoting our national day, we do prefer those who do so in a more genuine way.?The recent St. Patrick's Day promo video featuring the voice of Liam Neeson comes to mind as one which really captured the true sense of why Ireland is a most beautiful country!

Niall Swan

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