Why Your To-Do List Could Be Making You Less Productive

If you plan your day by using to-do lists there is a high chance that you will be less productive than initially?envisioned. Using 'done-lists', however, assist in motivation?and encourages higher levels of efficiency throughout the day, so you're more likely to perform faster, with a better outcome.

When?we cross something off of a list it indicates that a task has been completed: we visually and mentally see the list becoming smaller, but a long list of 'to-do's' still manifests over the rest of the day and?we often overlook all the goals we have achieved by focusing on tasks that we have yet to undertake.?Writing 'done-lists', it's thought, will set you on an upward journey of productivity and give you the positive kick of energy you need when you hit that 3pm slump.

The Right Tools

We spend a fortune on irrelevant colour-coordinated assortments of stationary to mask the fact that we haven't yet ticked off?any of our tasks - but at least it looks pretty, right??The idea of done-lists has brought about an app, ingeniously, yet ungrammatically, called 'iDoneThis', which allows you to virtually record and track your progress throughout the day - regardless of how big or small your tasks are. Essentially, the app keeps track of the things that help you feel productive, content and energized.

If stationary is your thing, invest in an agenda that will promote and encourage you to write down your 'done' tasks throughout the day. My Shining Armour has a gorgeous selection of bright and colourful diaries and journals to feed your stationary cravings.



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ban.do 17 Month Medium Agenda - One Day At A Time, €33

Have you made the swap from to-do to done? We'd love to know your thoughts!

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