Why You Need to be Asleep by 10pm

So you want great hair and skin? And you want to feel at your best as often as you can? Apparently, getting to sleep by 10pm (or at least close enough) is key.

This is according to wellness expert Shawn Stevenson who, in an interview with Yahoo!, explained that we're best off mirroring the sun's rising and setting patterns. Chances are, however, that if you work hard and lead a vibrant social life - not to mention all those hours spent catching up on House of Cards or re-watches of The Back-Up Plan (guilty as charged) - getting to sleep by 10pm, let alone to bed by?10pm, is totally impractical.

But would you give it a try if it lead to increased energy levels, beautiful glowing skin and more stable moods? It might be worth it.

Stevenson has spent more time than most studying the optimal methods for getting the most out of your sleep so that it better serves you when you wake, so it's suffice to say he knows a thing or two about your all important shut-eye. Shawn notes that a 10pm to 6am sleep schedule is best for keeping in line with our natural circadian rhythm. However, he also notes that everyone is different and if you at least set yourself up to be asleep before midnight, you'll start to notice improvements.


You can listen to their full interview here, complete with sleep preparation tips, on Soundcloud.


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