Why Working At Home Means More Productivity

In today's modern work landscape, there are a lot of conversations around where and what fosters the best conditions for productive employees. Are open plans with their potential for ongoing collaborative conversations the road to fostering teamwork and ideals, or does creativity spring from thinking space and an office of one's own? And what about the working from home conundrum? In a world of constant technology, this can be the perfect solution for workers with long commutes or those who keep unusual hours.

A new study quoted in Glamour says that in certain circumstances, working from home actually offers the least amount of distractions. But what about that tempting lunchtime Home and Away slot? Well, this particular survey said that from-home productivity is at its most effective when there is a project that needs to be finished. 50% of the participants claimed that their homes were the best locations to keep them concentrated on work tasks, with less than 25% saying the office evoked such can-do feelings.

More than 2,600 repondents? work habits were questions with 76% reporting office distractions being the number one reason they were falling behind on tasks and projects. In comparison, participants said that a home office's lack of office politics, commuting stress and chatting colleagues, meant that working there was a much more preferable situation. The less distractions, the more creativity and ploughing through the to-do lists.

The most interesting part of the FlexJobs survey however, was not all this theorising on productivity, but rather on what workers said about their health. Nearly 100% feel their lives and health would improve significantly if they worked from home. 87% of participants think their stress levels would reduce.


What do you think? Would you like to work from home? Or do you think we should keep work in the office?

Via Glamour

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